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(hi friends! there's a lot going on in this one, so strap in

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(hi friends! there's a lot going on in this one, so strap in. hope you enjoy. also this is kind of edited kind of not. will fix. love you all tons. -mags)


MOVE-IN WEEK arrived quicker than anyone expected, but to the surprise of nobody, Marley had a plan. A plan that was slowly falling apart at the seams, but a plan nonetheless.

The plan began to fall apart with something Marley truly couldn't complain about. Her mother had just been promoted to head nurse, a linear move that they'd been expecting for months, but they were never sure when it was going to actually happen. Sure enough, three weeks before Marley was to leave for Philly, her mother got the call. Everyone was ecstatic and she was so proud of her mom because of how much she deserved it, but it did mean she was going to get more hours and have a bit more responsibility. Her mother couldn't take a couple of days off to move her in three weeks after getting the job, and Marley completely understood this. She was actually the one who told her mom that.

So, instead, Marley had enlisted Luke, who seemed more than willing to get out of Stars Hollow for a couple of days. The town had gone a bit crazy at the idea of him and Lorelai breaking up and he couldn't handle the questions anymore. And Luke would never admit it, but if he had to see Christopher Hayden's face one more time in his town, he was going to close up the diner and never return.

Marley was grateful that Luke had said yes because she knew that there was no way in hell her own father was going to help them out. He was currently doing business in Japan or Norway or some other country she couldn't care to keep track of. However, he had emailed her to tell her that he had bought her a couple of things for the apartment, including a couch and kitchen table, both of which Marley and Jess were hesitant yet grateful to accept.

The plan continued to fall apart as the moving company taking the majority of Marley's things informed them that because they had so many clients, they'd overbooked themselves, and they wouldn't be able to get her furniture to their apartment until about a day after they moved in. Unfortunately, Marley's bed was apart of that furniture, but fortunately, air mattresses were a thing, and Luke had one that Jess lived on for months. The Acostas had owned one at some point in time this year, but Jacob, being the lovely boy that he was, decided it'd be a good idea to use it to go rafting in the lake a month ago while drunk with some of his friends.

Their mother was pissed that they no longer had an air mattress. Marley was pissed none of them got pictures.

The final nail in the coffin for Marley was not necessarily moving related, but it brought an unwanted amount of stress onto her shoulders, which was something of which she really didn't need right now. Marley had planned on taking a semester off from her school's paper, as her friend Allison had told her to do, seeing as she had gotten the Harperch internship which they knew would probably take up all of her time. This was before Allison had been promoted to editor of the paper. Now, she was beginning what Marley knew would turn into a vicious cycle of Allision asking for her help with articles. And Marley, being who she was, couldn't say no.

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