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"SO, YOU DIDN'T think that it was a good idea to tell me that your girlfriend was Rory fucking Gilmore?"

Marley heard Logan groan from the other line but paid no mind to it. "You didn't even let me say hello."

"You don't deserve to say hello," Marley said, throwing her backpack beside her bed as she entered her room. She cradled her cell phone between her ear and shoulder when she moved back into her kitchen and opened her fridge door. "'Hello' shouldn't even be in your vocabulary right now. The only words you should be saying are 'I'm sorry that I'm such an asshole' or 'where's the nearest cliff I can jump off of? Maybe it'll actually do the job this time."

"Penn, it's four-thirty in the morning over here. I'm going to need a little more information as to why you're currently threatening my life."

"Because you're a dick!"

She heard Logan laugh through her speaker, only making her blood boil hotter. "Again," he said, "More information. We've already established the facts."

"You kept talking about your girlfriend last week like she was some manic pixie dream girl with the verbal takedown abilities of President Bartlet when in reality she's the girl I serve coffee to three times a day in our hometown," she huffed, finally deciding on the leftovers from Al's in her fridge as a suitable dinner.

"Was that a West Wing reference? It's too early for The West Wing."

"First of all, jackass, it's never too early for The West Wing—"

Logan was quick to interrupt her incoming ramble, cutting her off with a note of frustration in his voice. "You never said you were from Stars Hollow! How was I supposed to know that you knew my girlfriend?"

"I most definitely did."

(Marley was most definitely not sure if she had, but she hoped she sounded convincing enough to get through to him.)

"No, you didn't," Logan said, and she could hear him shake his head against the phone. "Because if you had, I would have told you about Rory." Logan chuckled to himself as he heard crickets from Marley's end of the line. He yawned into the speaker, sighing as he said, "Now can you tell me why this is such an issue? You woke me up, I think I deserve the reason."

"All you deserve is to be throat punched," she said through a mouth full of chicken lo mein.

"Marley, c'mon. Help me out."

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