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(HAPPY GILMORE GIRLS SEASON BABYYYYY! i've returned from war and have missed you dearly

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(HAPPY GILMORE GIRLS SEASON BABYYYYY! i've returned from war and have missed you dearly. hope everyone's doing well.)

(this was a incredibly hard and a pain in the ass to write for multiple reasons, but i'm hoping things will get easier from here as shit starts to pick up. you'll see what i mean. and we're unedited as always. never expect anything from me.)

(hope you all had a great summer! let's bring on my favorite season and i hope i've come just in time for your fall rewatch. let's fucking goooo!)

(love u all tons. <3 -mags)


MARLEY AWOKE THE next morning to a painfully recognizable ringtone wailing in her ear.

The noise made her jump so violently that she nearly rolled off of Courtney's couch that she'd slept on (a couch that once resided in her and Jess' apartment, but that was neither here nor there), her heart racing fast enough to ensure that she'd not be able to fall back asleep. Marley scrambled to grab her phone from the table it'd been charging on overnight, a scowl finding a home on her lips before she even answered it.

Her greeting was less than amicable and she cursed the rasp in her voice. "I'm on vacation."

"And apparently not catching any R&R," Logan said from the other line, tone way too chipper for the hour it was. Marley flopped back onto the couch, already regretting answering the phone. "You spending these Philly nights with Tom Waits?"

"I'm on vacation," she repeated. "And you're calling me."

"Your perceptive nature is why I hired you."

"You're not supposed to be doing that."

"I'm not supposed to be doing it if it's about business," he said, and Marley could picture his stupid little eyebrow shoot up, as if he'd gotten her. "This is a personal call."

Marley wasn't buying it. "Is it really?"

Logan hesitated, then answered after a beat, "No. But—"

Marley hung up on him immediately, throwing her phone back on the table.

She cast her eyes up to the ceiling, annoyance settling into her chest as her phone began ringing again. She truthfully considered grabbing it once more just to throw it against the wall and see it shatter, but knew that that wouldn't solve anything. Nothing in the long run, at least.

With a groan, Marley reached over and picked up her phone, bringing it to her ear once more. "I hope you're prepared to die. The second I land at Heathrow, it's on-site, dickhead."

Logan chuckled. "Thanks for the heads up, Inigo."

"I'm serious. Your death will be long and your eulogy will be short."

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