In the morning it took me a while to recover from the aftershock of find both Jesse and I sleeping in such a compromising position. It didn't help that I was in nothing but my undergarment. I tried to shift around maybe to feel something, but hell I didn't know what I was suppose to feel.

"Jesse did we do it?" I asked after I woke him up.

He shook his head confused, "is there a problem if we do?"

Shyness began to crept up on me, so I looked away, "I don't know."

He remained silent, after a while I told him I was off for a swim. Trying to avoid the frown forming on his face because I was worried about the two of us having sexual inter course.

Looking through my suitcase, I realized he didn't pack any bathing suit for me, it was all flattering bikini that looked sexier than I was.

Groaning I decided to just relax by the deck and splash my legs on the cold fresh water. Grabbing my floral skirts and a white blouse, I took a quick shower and changed quickly before leaving through the back door.

Sitting by wooden rectangular deck, I slowly dipped my feet to the cold water testing it. It was cold but soon enough my body temperature adjusted to it and I was splashing playfully, looking at the small fishes that could be seen through the clear water.

Sensing him approached me, I looked up to see him in white loose pants that hung dangerously low around his hips and nothing but flesh. Flesh as in 6 packs of hot mother-effing abs. I gulped, trying to distract myself.

Why was my boyfriend so hot? Was I shallow to feel attracted to his body this way?

As if he read my mind, he perked up a beautiful smile that showed his pearly white teeth and a slight crook in it, "it's okay to look."

"Cocky ass," I muttered under my breath. He laughed wholeheartedly, clutching this stomach before planting his body down next to me. He didn't hesitate like I did and quickly dipped his feet into the freezing water.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked ridiculously, am I the only one who always felt cold? I hide my inner thought and decided to poke fun at him a bit "never mind don't answer that! I know the answer."

Grinning like a kid, I pinched both his cheeks together.

"And what would that answer be?" As he lightly slapped my hands away from hurting his cheeks too much.

"You aren't cold, because your heart is cold to feel anything."

I knew it wasn't that funny, but I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed Jesse face was morphed into that of a cute frown. When he didn't say anything I was worried that he got offended. So I reached out to him, but he did the unexpected, and grabbed my forearm tightly before pushing me into the water.

The cold water engulfed me like a freaking ice bucket, before I trashed around, trying to keep myself balanced up. As I reached back up to the surface, Jesse was laughing-rolling on the floor like this was funny to him.

My hair was wet glued to my face, my white blouse transparent and my skirt literally floating up above the water. Thank God, the neighbor was far away. The water slowly slipping in my underwear making me shivered from cold. I was going to kill him!

Wiping my face from excess water, I glared at him. Like I'm-going-to-murder-you kind of glare. He looked at me before falling again from his sexy deep voice laughter. I was preventing myself from smiling, I was kind of glad this was amusing for him, but he didn't need to know that.


"Amelia," he said breathlessly, pointing his hand for me to grab, "I'm sorry."

"You are not"

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