04 - New Moon: Part One

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Summer was long. Well for Blake, at least. Having no friends meant she spent a lot of time at home, or even at work with Charlie. She did see Jake a lot and those were her favourite times - without those times she'd have gone crazy. She and Bella haven't spoken much, no more than strangers passing in the street. They try a little harder when Charlie is around but B refuses to talk to her if Edweirdo is there. He's always there.

Her little painkiller situation hasn't gotten much better. She went as far as to 'fall' onto her wrist, spraining it. Of course, it wasn't sprained, but it got her a few more. She's having to use a different pharmacy now, the last got suspicious.

"Happy birthdaaaay." Charlie sings loudly, stood between both bedrooms.

Blake groans and covers her head. "Not today." She mumbles, really wishing she didn't have to share this day with Isabella.

Charlie chuckles and comes in, pushing on the empty side of the bed to make it bounce. "Cmon! I actually made pancakes."

Blake giggles small at his excitement and sits up. "Fiiine. And by make them, do you mean you made the batter and you need me to pan em?"

He smirks. "Who's a smart 18 year old!"

She giggles small and changes into leggings, an oversized tee and her denim jacket, heading downstairs. She makes pancakes, setting the plateful on the table. She makes sure to occupy the single seat on one side so she doesn't have to sit with Bella.

Said demon comes in, smiling warmly at B. "Happy birthday."

"Ditto." She says, her mouth full of pancake already.

Bella sighs. "Can't we just-"

"Nope." Blake downs her glass of milk and grabs her bag. "Dad! I'll see you at Jakes later!"

And before he can respond she runs out. Bella sighs and sits through breakfast with Charlie who talks a lot about Blake, obviously a hint. She knows she hasn't been the best sister but why can't Blake forgive her? Let her try?

Edward frowns as he picks her up. "It's your birthday, you can't be sad."

"I'm one year older than you... And Blake. She's still being well Blake." Bella forces a smile.

He sighs. "I'm sorry... Don't let her ruin your day, please."

Bella smiles. "I won't. Just don't tell anyone what day it is."

He laughs and drives them to school. He tries to think of a way to talk to Blake alone somehow but he doesn't think it'll happen. She avoids him like he were the plague. It makes him so mad; all Bella does is try, yet Blake acts selfish and ignores her. Bella just tries her best.

Meanwhile, Alice waits by Blake's locker, a smile on her face. Things on the Blake front her end haven't been good either, though there's not been a door slammed in her face in a while - never say never. "Happy birth-"

"Nope. Don't even say it."

"Cmon, I got you a present." Alice says, hopeful for a better response.

Blake slams her locker closed, walking away as a response. Alice sighs deeply, watching her walk away just as her brother comes over. "Stop with this." Edward whispers harshly. "Don't you realise how upset this makes Bella?"

Alice bites her tongue hard, taking a deep breath. "Oh Edward... You don't want to start this argument - again. Blake isn't this person she portrays. You and Bella created this. You are the reason she's cold, you're the reason she's 'selfish'. Tell Bella to be a good person for once and fess up." She snaps, walking away.

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