Sight of You - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

3 years later, present time.

I read the newspaper and my gaze stops at “One Direction”. I start to read the article about them even though I'm not a fan of them. The article is about how they will release their second album within a week. There's one thing about them that really amazes me. And that's the fact that they've gone from being strangers to become the biggest boy band in the world in just two years. That's really fascinating. I bet it's been a tough way, but here they are doing what they love most in the world. If that's not fascinating, I'm not sure what's fascinating actually.

I can hear how someones footstep and if I'm right it's my mum's. They sound much more lightweight than my dad's would sound. So I'm pretty sure it's her. And when I look up fast to check who it is, it's of course my lovely mum. Her big, curly, red hair is all I see. I love her hair and thankfully I've got it too, mine's not as beautiful as her but I still love it and I get many, many nice comments about it.

“Are you riding with us or are you taking your own car?” she asks and I nod as an answer. “That question doesn't include a yes or no. Are you talking you car?”

“Oh, yeah I am. I'm going to Julie afterward so I guess it's the clever thing to do,” I say and she walks even closer to me.

“What are you reading that's so interesting that you can't even look up at me?” she asks and looks down on the newspaper. “I thought you didn't like them!”

“I don't, I just read this article about them,” I say and then I'm finished. “Maybe I should go and change clothes.”

“Yeah, you probably should. We're going within twenty minutes,” she says.

I go up to my room, or maybe I should say part-time-room. I've moved to Brighton to study at the University of Brighton to sometime in the future become a teacher. I'm only home here once a month and that's the only time I sleep in my room. I miss being close to my parents and all my friend here but living in Brighton is so much fun too. I'm so glad I got into the university down there because I couldn't manage to stay here any longer. It's way to small for me and it reminds me of things I don't wanna be remembered of.

It's my grandma's birthday so I need to have something nice on me. I finally chose a loose-fit dress in the color light lilac. I keep my hair in it's normal shape; half curly and half wavy. I would love to have it all curly as my mum but still I can't say I don't like it, it fits me and my personality quite good actually. If a hair even could do that.

When it's time for make up I keep it quite simply as my grandma prefer me without make up. She says make up is unnecessary on a beautiful girl as me. Not that I think I'm that beautiful, I look okay I guess. As my nickname is “Foxy” by my old friends you could say I kind of look like a fox. Maybe that's why they gave me the nickname. With my thin nose, big lips and my big eyes I sure do see some similarities. Not that many, but I still can see some. And I've heard a few times that I look like a “ginger-Taylor Swift” which I take as a compliment as I think she's really beautiful. So yeah, I'm Foxy and I probably should hate the nickname but I don't. I find it quite cute and funny actually. But not everyone is allowed to call me it, just my old “gang” from High School. If anyone else tried to call me it I'd tell them off.

When I'm done I go downstairs again and it's time for us to leave for my grandma. So I go out to my little red car and jump in it. My parents drive one way and I chose another as I like that way better. The other one just remembers me of bad things. But after awhile I start to regret my decision as I see my old best friend Carly there. It was a long time since the last time I saw her actually. I want to pull over and talk to her, ask her why she did what she did to me. But I'm not sure I'm brave enough. I'm kind of a coward actually when it comes to confront people but something happens and I don't know what it is but I do pull over. I guess I was brave enough or whatever just happened. I open my door and I go out and when I close the door again Carly turns around. The look on her face shows how surprised she is. Not that I think she's more surprised than me. She can't be. I'm truly really surprised I pulled over. I'm even more surprised I jumped out of the car. This is not me. This is not what I usually do.

“Hey,” I say.

“Hey, Sammy,” she answers me.

“You can't call me Sammy after all you've done. I'm not Sammy to you as you aren't my friend,” I say.

“Hey, Samantha,” she says instead. It makes me want to laugh but I don't as that would just be weird and a laugh doesn't fit right now. This is serious business. I'm here right in front of Carly and talking to her. This must be a dream even though I know for sure it isn't. “Why are you here?”

“Because I'm from here? Just because I've moved to Brighton doesn't mean I won't come and visit my home,” I say.

“I meant here. As in here,” she says and shows with her arms that she means right here where we are right know. Why am I so stupid? How could I not realize she meant here as where we are? That's just Samantha in a nutshell. “So why are you here, Samantha?”

“Because... I'm not quite sure myself to be honest. But I guess I want to sort things out. We never talked about it back then, so I've one question for you. May I ask you it?” I say and she nods. “Why did you do it? Why did you kiss him?”

“I was jealous,” she says and I look at her with a look that says her to carry on. I really want to hear her reason for being jealous of me! Me, how could anyone be jealous of little me? And when she says it just doesn't make any sense. She's the kind of girl that has everything and she got everything she ever wished from her parents. She also had plenty of boys after her so this just makes no sense at all. “Yeah, I was jealous of your relationship. I thought I was in love with him too and it wasn't until I kissed him I realised it was only pure jealousy.”

“You're for sure one of the crappiest friend a girl could have. You know I loved him to bits and yet you kissed him. You ruined six years friendship and a nine months relationship just so you could realize that you were jealous of our relationship. Don't you hear how stupid that sounds?” I ask her. 

“I know, I know, I know. I regret it so much and I'd do anything for it to not happened. I miss you so much. It doesn't go by one day that I don't miss you. I just want our friendship back,” she says with tears in her eyes.

“It will never happened. You hurt me more than anyone else has ever hurt me before. Sure, I miss our friendship too, but I don't miss you. Not at all,” I say.

“I know and I don't even deserve to be forgiven. I know that. I just miss you, Sam,” she says.

“I'm Samantha to you, haven't you understand that yet?” I scream at her a bit to loud. But I want her to understand. I'm not Sam nor Sammy to her anymore and I won't ever be. I'm Samantha. She doesn't deserve to call me by nickname. “I need to go now. I was on my way to my grandma for her birthday when I saw you. I just had to talk to you one time in wish I'd get to know a bit more about why it happened but nope, not at all. Everything is still a big mess, if it isn't even bigger than before.”

“Tell Rose I said happy birthday. And once again, I'm so, so, so sorry, Samantha,” she says.

“It won't change anything that you're sorry. You've already ruined everything,” I say and open my door to my car. I jump in it and when I'm on my way to close my door she yells at me to stop. “What now?”

“I just want you to know that I kissed him. He didn't kiss me and he didn't even answer it. You came just when I kissed him. So please, stop blame him. You need to forgive him because he didn't do anything wrong. All he ever did was to love you. Probably even more than you did.”

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