Oikawa x Pregnant!Reader (Fluff)

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You sat in the bathroom for hours. Staring at the dozens of tests sitting on the counter. Some read "||" and some "+". Two of them just said the word "Pregnant" but over all. All 27 said positive. It was undeniable. You were carrying his kid. You had been dating a while now but you were scared he didn't want one. You mind raced with options. Abortion was out of the question, as your mother had attempted to abort your younger sister who you've loved since you realized your mom was pregnant, but it was botched and she lost an arm. But she was alive. Either way adoption was there, though you wanted the kid you could always re-connect with them. Your mind went crazy not knowing what was to come in this. You remembered the night you and Oikawa spent together almost three weeks ago. You were on vacation and he forgot condoms, and it was supposed to be your safe day. Clearly it wasn't. As you drove yourself crazy trying to wrap your head around this you hear the apartment door open and a familiar voice call out to you.

"Babe? Bunny? Were are you? I got you Cookies and Chick-fil-A. Aren't they your favorite when your on your period? Sorry if your not Ik I shouldn't assume but I wanted to surprise you... bunny? You there? Where are you?"

"*cough* yeah I'm in here. Not on my period but I'll take the food. Thanks"

"Are you okay? Let me in.." he went to open the door but you slammed it back in his face and started gagging at the sudden movement. Quickly you pushed all the tests into the trash can before doubling over with nausea and pain. "Oh my god babe! Are you okay??" He said as he fell to your side in the bathroom.
"I'm fine.. I'm just a littl—" you didn't even get the words out before puking into the toilet.
"Oh my god Bunny. What happened? Did you get sick?"
"Not exactly... it's hard enough to say please..."
He didn't understand, he wasn't forcing you and you were acting extremely emotional. He didn't know what was going on. "Baby just talk to me. I'm here"
"I- god how do I tell you"
"Take you time babe. I love you, I can wait if you need time"
"No! I have to say this now or I'll run away and not say anything"
"You know how I said I don't have my period..."
"Yea what about it? Your schedule was always weird and late a lot"
"No... not like that"
"What other way would it be Bunny?"
"...I won't get it for a long time.."
He sat there, his eyes opened wide realizing what you said. But trying to process it. "What exactly do you mean babe..?"

"I'm pregnant..."
He sat there. Astonished. He couldn't believe it. He just sat with a look of shock plastered on his face, your emotions took over again "I'm sorry! It's my fault Ik I wasn't on the pill and I thought it was a safe day and god I'm rambling but please I can abort it and I don't want them to go into adoption so if you wanna leave that's ok but the baby is staying" you say. Almost so fast he barely understood. "Abortion? Leave? What? God no, IM EXCITED"
He jumped up and picked you up spinning you around the room with the brightest and most genuine smile you've seen come from him. He was actually happy. "When did you find out"
You pulled the trash can and pulled out all the tests throwing some at his face. He giggled then looked, and it all hit him at once. He was going to be a dad. He started to tear up before crying completely. "God.. I'm gonna be a dad and I can't even smile for my baby. But I'm so happy right now it's confusing 😂"
He stands up and realized that you couldn't move at all. You were in so much pain from stretching and nausea, he carried you bridal style to your beautiful bright teal bed (based on your high schools volley ball club colors). You lay down and hug Oikawa. You had his very own child inside of you and you finally felt happy about it. "Hey. Now you'll have two people calling you daddy..?" You day with a slight smirk. His face turned red and looked at you. "Yea! Duh! I'm gonna be the best dad in the world! And he will play volleyball just like me, and he will be just as good but I will be slightly better! And it will Tun in our family, since his mom and dad both played it!" You giggle at his rambling. So you fall asleep, once more. To the lovely feeling mowing in a couple months. You'll be the family you always dreamed of.

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