Chapter 14:Necessary

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Alessandro's pov:

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Alessandro's pov:

One month. One fucking month. That's how long Valerie was out. Every day I visit her telling her the story of a hidden treasure named Valerie falling for a damaged mobboss.

One month I held her hand without her noticing. I told her how much I love her each day. I've even decided for our future I will leave the mob business and stuck to the club and hotel business.

I will become just a businessman for her. For our child. For our family. Family something I thought I would never have.

Valerie was right. Her memories are dancing in my head. The way she felt in my arms, the way we swayed together, the way she sang those songs, the way she fight.

I missed her voice. Her melodic voice. It took me so long to confess my feelings to her but It was because I wasn't ready. I wanted to get rid of Stella and then make things right with her.

Stella. Our relationship started because of her father. I liked her I am not going to lie. But then I start seeing how she truly was. She was so selfish. She was always busy showing others how happy she was that she truly forgot that she has to be happy. I was never in love with her. I experienced love with Valerie.

I realized that I can't live with her when she is always thinking how to put a show on for others. So I break up with her. She tried to fix our relationship those days that she stayed at our house but couldn't cause I was gone.

Gone for Valerie. I told her how I am not able to love her. How I am going to tell everyone that she isn't as happy and successful that she shows she is. I told her that we were done and she should let go.

Thankfully after three other failed attempts by her she finally let go.
At first she told me to let Valerie go. She even send a song for me Only know you love her when you let her go. Saying I should let Valerie die.

I explained the true meaning of the song that she should let me go. Not me letting Valerie go. I explained to her that there are many other rich businessman that she can find and that if she love me she need to let me go. She finally did.

Valerie is like a drug. You will get addicted to her so easily. She is full of surprises. I can imagine myself living with her till my time is up. I am never going to give up on her. She is necessary for me.

I promised myself that if she wakes up I am going to tell her how much I love her everyday. Everyday I am going to say I love you for amending the days that I was quiet.


We didn't tell Mae. She was already busy with her mother.

Angelo visited her a few times playing some songs for her.

I was making my way to her room. Her room looks like a garden it's full of flower.

I sat in the seat next to her and hold her hand.

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