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may 21st, 2014
8:16 am

𝙎𝘼𝙈 𝙒𝙄𝙇𝙎𝙊𝙉 𝙒𝘼𝙇𝙆𝙀𝘿 into his home after his run, his back pressed against the counter waiting to relax. He was about to enjoy his drink when the door knocked, he groaned and rolled his eyes going to open the door.

The man looked at three people in his doorway, all dirty and covered in soot. "Hey man," he said to the solider.

"I'm sorry about this, we need a place to lay low."

"Everyone we know is trying to kill us."

Sam's eyes turned to the woman with a pained expression, "please help us."

"Not everyone, " he stepped to the side and let everyone into the home. He looked out, stepping back in and closing the door and blinds.

Sam showed the trio the guest bedroom and bathroom, Steve let Aurora and Natasha clean up first.

𝘼𝙐𝙍𝙊𝙍𝘼 𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏𝙀𝘿 on the bed. Her head dropped to only look at the floor, blankly staring as everything was blurred out. Her entire world was crashing down fast as ever, she didn't how to process that she finally escaped HYDRA and was now on the run with her only friend. Escaping her captors felt liberating, she hated every fiber of the building she was controlled in.

Even though she was free now, whos to say that it was going to last long? That HYDRA was going to find their most precious value to their cause, half of a whole lost in the world. They did always liked keeping their things together, meaning that the Winter Solider and Rogue will continue serving as legacies and pawns in their most deadly schemes.

The captain in the bathroom turned to see his friend still on the bed. He wiped his hands and exited the room, sitting in a chair in front of her.

"Rory?" Steve called out. She still didn't hear him, he frowned and reached his hand out to hers. Aurora coiled back, jumping up and further on to the bed, she looked up and sighed out in relief to realize it was her friend. A friend. That still felt weird to even think about, Aurora never had friends. All of her so-called friends beat her into submission, she never thought of them as nice or kind.

She looked up seeing Steve in nothing but a white tank-top, her fingers ran through her tangled hair and let out a loud breath. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that," Aurora sniffled. Steve looked at the woman no different from when they grew up together, even in all of her damaged ways he still thought of her as the sister he never had.

"It's fine, honestly," Steve calmly said. "I know it's been rough during these few hours, I just wanted to know if you're okay."

The woman shifted, she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms across. She was not okay. How could she? She thought of a million ways of HYDRA taking her again, wiping her, and making her feel nothing.

But then she looked at those blue eyes. Those eyes made me feel safe, at peace. She remembered Steve as the same scrawny boy that always picked fights with the tougher boys, and she would always clean his little wounds. Or the boy she enjoyed playing with at school, then going on adventures in the streets of Brooklyn, and her husband's best man at their wedding. In the twenty-four hours with Steve was the greatest thing she felt in years.

Steve watched as she struggled to make words come out but it all felt bubbled up in her stomach, she was crying out for help but she didn't have the words to say it.

"Rory, what did they do to you?"

She lifted her head, "everything." The anger soon wiped out the sadness, Aurora clenched her fists in her knees. "HYDRA took me from my home, they filled up with lies pretending to be the truth. My superiors swore that I was going to be the greatest in HYDRA history, training me making me kill innocent people," the woman spat, Steve only listening.

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