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33 years later
Siberia, 1978

𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙇𝘼𝙎𝙏 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀 𝙒𝙀 saw Aurora Barnes was along time ago and everything had everything stripped from her. Her dignity. Her freedom. And mainly, her mind. She was gone, died and her spirit went to heaven.

Aurora didn't feel anything, not anymore. Her dark brown eyes lost all means of love. She had become callous, washed over by the feeling of dread. Her body and mindfully accepted the ability of fire. Every day the scientists would test on her, Aurora was immune to heat, she could even burn bright as the sun in the sky if she pleased.

HYDRA stuck to their word about the woman's future in their organization, sending her across the world to burn bridges and destroy anything that was in her way on the path of destruction. As time flew past, they would put her in a cryo chamber and brought her out decades at a time. Aurora biologically was supposed to be fifty-five years old right now, but physically, she never aged over a day of twenty-five.

She looked around the room at her much larger cell now, it still had a cot pressed against the way. But since she was HYDRA's brightest one, they gave her a wardrobe and a shower. While putting on a t-shirt, her door opened to another guard at her door.

Aurora smirked, probably thinking the guard caught a glimpse. "Poluchite khoroshiy pik?" she said, the guard looking down immediately. Get a nice peak?

"Zatknis' i sleduy." He ordered, she followed him through corridors and elevator, getting bored all ready for what was coming to her. Shut up and follow.

Both of them arrived at the training center, an open room with an octagonal ring in the center. Aurora walked in turning to see the guard walk back out the room, only her standing. On the opposite side of the room, the door opened and a group of bulky men and women walked it. She rolled eyes, knowing the same routine.

Charging up her powers, the orange ball in her hand turned into a shard. A man with red hair walked up, his fist ready to strike, Aurora watched for his fight technique it wasn't much than what she usually worked with. She grabbed his wrist spinning him around and clutching his body, she took the hand with her shard, slicing his neck. She threw him on to the ground to let him bleed out, the shard dematerialize in her hand.

Next, a man and woman charged at her. Aurora ducked down and slammed her fists on the ground and letting a trail of fire engulfing the two, dying instantly.

Aurora's fireballs changed as she pulled them together and apart to create a burning whip, swishing it around. The next group came at her, Aurora sliced them easily. Suddenly, a man tried to choke her from behind with a piece of wire.

She grabbed their face-pulling them over her shoulder to the ground, kneeling, putting her hand with a flame on his face. The sinister look of her face as she enjoyed the muffled sound of screaming made her truly happy, Rogue was a born killer.

The last man sprinted at the woman, she jumped back as he came at her with a large knife, Aurora blocked the attack. She spun him around, knocking him to his knees and twisted his arm with the knife still in his hand. "Drop it!" Aurora screamed her foot nearly in his spine now with his arm folding behind him. The knife finally dropped to the floor and Aurora used her powers to pull it into her arms. When the man finally got up from the floor, he was ready to go again. Growing bored, Aurora simply threw the knife into the center of his skull.

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