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Also this is a flashback to when Tam was part of the neverseen.

It was dark. All dark.

He couldn't move. By the sounds he heard when he tried to move her feet, he was probably chained up and thrown into some sort of....cell?

Yes, probably a cell.

Tam gulped drily, as he weakly tugged against his bonds. Even as he did that, he knew it was pointless. He knew that Gisela was smart enough to make sure that the chains would hold against whatever pitiful amount of strength he had left.

"It's your own fault, you know," an eerie whisper hissed in his ear. Instinctively, he tried to jump back, instead tripping over his own bonds and ending up in his back on the floor.

Gergen hovered above him menacingly, hood pulled over his face just low enough that Tam, from his vantage point on the floor, could only see his alarmingly bright blue eyes as they flashed evilly at him.

"Your fault. And now you pay for the consequences."

Tam knew exactly what he was getting punished for- and he honestly had no regrets.

Do you really? The snide little voice in the back of his head asked. You're only here to protect Linh. Linh and Linh ONLY. Keefe isnt Linh. So why would you risk her safety for HIM? For Sencen?

Oh, how Tam hated that voice. It always showed up at his weakest moments, to prey upon his indecisiveness and expose himself to the enemy.

Answer, the voice hissed malevolently. Idiot, answer me.

I...have no answer, he thought back, terrified.

So preoccupied with the two voice in his head, was Tam, that he didn't even notice the second shadowy figure behind Gethen.

"Ah, Glimmer. Are you ready?"

"I am," the second figure replied, with a dip if her hooded head. The hood slipped slightly, giving him a brief glimpse of smooth black hair and a flash of pale silver-blue eyes.

They reminded him strongly of Linh. And now he wanted nothing more than to get the image of Glimmer as his sister out of his head as the latter stepped forward, crouching down before him.

"Tam Song..." the murmur of his name was so soft that he barely heard it above the pounding of blood in his ears, despite how close she was to him. Closer than he'd ever been to any girl other than Linh— not that that was exactly important right now, when his life was at stake.

"I'm sorry, but you do deserve this. For leaking the plans." Again, her voice was so soft he barely heard it. Meaning Gergen probably hadn't heard it either. Unless he had snuck into one of their heads....which, in hindsight, was rather likely.

And with that, a sudden bright flash of light in the dark cavern blinded him as the Flasher got to work.

What happened next happened through a haze of pain. All he could remember was a searing force being pressed against his wrists, both burning and freezing his skin with the violence of a thousand icy suns. Someone was screaming; loud, agonized drawn-out screams of pain.

Wait. That  was him screaming.

Slowly, as he felt the pressure on his wrists ease,  Tam did his best to pull himself into a sitting position. The sound of his own screams echoed dully in his ears as his whole body throbbed from the pain.

Glimmer stood up, dusting off her hands- even though there was no visible dirt on them. Again, from his viewpoint on the floor, Tam caught a glimpse of her eye, along with a very familiar smirk.

This time, it was that smirk that made his eyes widen with recognition and pain. Yet more pain, though this time it wasn't physical.

That smirk...brought back a whole flood of memories. Memories he had been trying his hardest all his life to lump into the darkest corner of his head and hope that they stayed put there.

That smirk, however...it stirred the echoes of the past again.

Because...this wasn't the first time Tam had seen that smirk, and he knew it. He knew where he'd seen it before.

The same smirk he had spent the earlier part of his childhood hating.

The same smirk as Quan Song.


also I wrote this at a particularly brain dead time of life, so if u see any typos please do let me know.

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