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i just realized that this book was barely out for a week and a half (and hasn't even crossed ten chapters) and is already at 500 reads-

h0W ees thees pawsible?

ily'all sm (≧▽≦)

Dear Keefe,

It's Linh.

I...didn't know you as well as a whole lot of the others...and I really do regret that now. I feel like we should have been friends. We had a lot in common.

This whole 'writing-to-you' thing is becoming a literal disease. First Tam, now Fitz, and then...me.

Keefe...there is so much I want to tell you, and even though this sheet of paper isn't going anywhere, I really don't know how to put it.

Do I tell you first about how Tam hasn't slept a wink since the planting? He's keeping himself awake and semi-alert on pure adrenaline. And sugar.

Pretty sure he gulped down roughly twenty butterblasts yesterday and then refused to eat anything else.

Then...Bian's stoped by and mentioned that those were your favorite sweet. And that apparently Tam was very much aware of that, after how close all the time in the Healing Center got you two.

Or...do I tell you about how Sophie's been floating in and out of reality? She's been willingly taking sedatives to sleep. Sandor says it's because the night after the planting, she tried to sleep without them but then woke up screaming in the middle of the night.

Livvy had to give her a checkup before they figured out exactly what was wrong...and then of course she immediately prescribed a whole basketful of sedatives.

It's almost scary how calm Sophie is about taking them now. Eerie.

I could never do that.

Also...we've been having some interspecisial action lately. King Dimitar came to Eternalia to collect all of Ro's things... he was really angry about how the Neverseen took the bodies.

I think that's one of the main reasons Tam thinks you're still alive. Because we never found your body.

Elwin's was in one of the cupboards.

They're still looking for Ro's. 

As for you...there was a trail of blood leading out of the school to a cliff overlooking a river. Don't ask me why they hauled it all the way there; I don't know. The Neverseen do a LOT of weird things.

You'd know a lot better than most, wouldn't you?

And since that river leads out to the sea, they didn't bother looking for yours.

You know, I really wish you were here. I feel like you were the only thing holding the whole group together; the one thing that connected us all.

And now that you're gone, we're all lost in the darkness.

I wish you were really alive, like what Tam thinks. If you were...I feel like all this awful stuff would stop and everyone would come back to normal.

Well, back to as normal as they can get. We're all pretty crazy, you know.

And you were the craziest of all.

Lots of love,


i might not be able to get out regular updates...they're really loading on the work.

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