Chapter 1

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3rd person POV:

All Nico really wanted was a happy meal. After leaving camp, Nico thrived on McDonalds he worked at one and ate at the other. It was a good deal and it worked for him he was at McDonald's number two and was leaning against a wall waiting for his food. He got the same thing every time, a chicken nugget happy meal with apples and chocolate milk. At first, they looked at him weird but now they just copied down his order. As they called his number, 666 how ironic, he grabbed his order and headed to the seat he had claimed as his own. It was a back-corner seat and the light above didn't work properly or at all, though they did occasionally flicker ominously.

As he turned back around, he was met by a pair of brilliant blue eyes. Normally he would just turn his head and continue but he knew the person this was someone he served with. It was Steve. Nico turned and ran out the door as fast as he could, which was pretty fast considering he'd been a demigod for four years now. He looked suspicious but right now it didn't matter.

Steve and the rest of the avengers were going to McDonald's. Why? Steve had no idea; Tony had heard that he'd never been and insisted they go because "Never going to McDonalds was a tragedy." Steve just expected to get some food and continue with his day but apparently the universe had different ideas. He walked through the doors and saw a face never thought he'd see again. Nico.

But Nico couldn't be here. Unless he was like Bucky and got captured by Hydra. But Bucky would have said something. As he was processing this suddenly the Nico look alike bolted. Steve immediately followed. If it wasn't him then it had to be his grandchild or something because a WW2 jacket like Nico's with his numbers was too big of a coincidence. This kid knew something about his friend, and he intended to find out. 

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