Chapter 15: Meet Up At Headquarters

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"I see you enjoyed the morning with Felix," Chan teases, eyebrow raising suggestively.

"Why did you come so early?" Changbin whines.

"Because, sweet pup, I knew you'd be like this."

"I just wanted to spend some more time with him." Changbin pouts.

"You had a life before Felix, you know?"


Chan sighs pacing around the room. Checking his phone. Again.

"Why do you keep checking your phone, expecting someone?"

Chan struts over and flicks Changbin in the head.

"We're both expecting someone, dummy. I asked Jisung to come. He should have been here by now."

A ring resonates through the room. Strutting over to the door Chan says, "Speak of the devil. Where were you, Jisung?"

"Oh just, you know, enjoying the best day of my life."

Smelling a faint scent on Jisung, Chan delicately sniffs the air. Knowing the scent, Chan smugly asks, "Does this have anything to do with lover boy?"

Changbin snarkily remarks, "I was wondering why there are floating hearts in the air."

"Oh yeah! Well then explain your lips, Mr. Hypocrite." Jisung responds, sticking his tongue out.

Chan shudders. "I can explain that to you." The horrifying image of Changlix kissing permanently printed in his brain. "It was horrifying."

"Wait a second, you didn't deny me, Han Jisung," Chan points accusedly in Jisung's direction.

"Maybe something happened." He says, fidgeting with his hands. A flustered smile creeps onto his face.

"Oh my gosh, it's happening. My baby's finally going on a date. Everybody stay calm. StaY CaLM," Chan fakes tears.

Chan reaches over and tugs Jisung into a bone crushing hug.

"Hush. It's not like this is my first date," Jisung says into Chan's chest.

"Well it's your first date with Lover Boy, whom you've been pining after for the longest time, and if something happens to you," Chan has a threatening gleam in his eye. Anygays, I'm glad you could make it because we need to start on the secret project," Chan says, putting air quotes around secret.

"Right. Sorry, Changbin," Remembering the suffering Changbin is probably going through.

"I'm fine," Changbin slowly slips off the couch into the darkness, "Everything's wonderful."

I'm too lazy (and sick) to get anymore done.

I forgot to mention they already told Jisung about being werewolves. I mean in 3Racha, if two of the members are wolves, it'd be kinda hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to hide it from the other member.

Also have y'all listened to Levanter, because my heart.

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