Woof, woof! Give me some attention! [Changlix]

Woof, woof! Give me some attention! [Changlix]

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hi1017 By hi1017 Updated 5 days ago

Congratulations, you have achieved boyfriend status! But now, how will you explain you're a werewolf?

Changlix FF Where Changbin is an omega and has no idea how to explain the Felix why he's sick recently. (Chan's also a werewolf and very protective)

This is a very soft fic (no smut or anything suggestive). Do kisses count? I couldn't find much soft Changlix content. Chapters are short and I don't know my update schedule. I'm constantly editing chapters, so feel free to point out mistakes.

This story also follows other ships, so don't be surprised. Though, the story is based mostly on Changlix.