Chapter Thirty-two

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What I wanted to do was go home and hide under the bed. If Karlson offered to watch my back, somebody was really, truly serious about killing me.

Since Karlson had not offered to pay my bills, I went back to work. I tried to pretend that I was a big, tough crime fighter. Still, I shifted my chair so I faced the door. I was brave, not stupid.

Though it was almost 3 p.m. when I got back, no one including Becky challenged me about how long I'd been gone. No one was there, either. Barney hadn't come in and wasn't expected this late in the day. Jimmy had called the office and cleared himself—he was lunching with a client, and his presence was not required at work until Friday.

He hadn't left any message for me. But at 4:30 p.m., it occurred to me that if Jimmy had anything to say he would say so on my cell.

Sure enough, Jimmy left me a message, and it was a doozy. Since Kate was dying to meet me, he said, he was bringing her to the Palace tonight. So, I was destined to meet the Irish bride whether I would or no.

Despite the Norse God at my back, I needed reinforcements of the chick persuasion. As usual, Claudie's cell phone was busy, so I texted her my situation and my ask.

She'd be there, I knew, as soon as her set was over at the Web. Until the cavalry arrived, however, I manned the ramparts of the OK Corral myself.

Claudie's mission, as I explained it, was to draw Jimmy into conversation, so I could get Kate to myself.

Karlson as cavalry would be absolutely useless because he would chat up the lassie instead. His gene pool worked against him.

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