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Lexi King
Bullied by everyone because she hardly shows any skin by wearing those hoodies. She is the girl who no one notices. But no one knows the beauty behind that hoodie. Nobody notices the broken girl, who lost trust from love and friendship.

Drake Smith
A rude, arrogant, ruthless, playboy and son of a multi millionaire. The heir of Smith Enterprises. He might act like he doesn't care about people's feelings, he might change girls like he changes his clothes. But the truth is his waiting for his soulmate, his true love, his life partner.

What will happen when the bad boy meets the broken girl. Will he fall in love with her? Will she start to trust love again? Or will he give up on her like the others??
To find out join me in the journey of the broken girl.

Writing a book for the first time. Might be a bit cliche, a bit creepy, but please read , share and comment to let me know how you like it. N feel free to share ideas.

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