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Sorceress Mate ✔️ by RogueSnow
Sorceress Mate ✔️by 𝕽σ𝖌υ𝖊 𝕾ɳ𝖔ɯ
After finding a young boy injured outside her home, Morgan and her witch sisters take him in. The boy's older brother wants to take him back but when he retrieves him, h...
The Blood of Rubies by charlottemallory
The Blood of Rubiesby Charlotte
It all begins when a silver dagger goes missing. For her entire life, a human named Cora Gabris has known that lycans were searching for her, as she was born as a Ruby...
Barnania and the Twisted Tales by kramer22x
Barnania and the Twisted Talesby Marx 16-57-15-16-8-53-L
Once upon a time, wars and desolation were etched on the land of the witches, wizards, and mages. Barnania was soaked with countless flooding of blood. The place was dee...
Black Art Awards 2020 • Closed by _myyraaa__
Black Art Awards 2020 • Closedby Myra
OPEN [] CLOSED [ ♡ ] JUDGING [] VOTING: CLOSED ••• Welcome to Black Art Awards 2020! •••
Songs Of A Brokenhearted Soul by kramer22x
Songs Of A Brokenhearted Soulby Marx 16-57-15-16-8-53-L
Amidst the darkness, pain, intense emotions and the stirring feelings of fears, doubts, fervid desires and love. A writer was able to write confessions, tales and storie...
When My Heart Echoes by MKAassi4346
When My Heart Echoesby Muhammad Khalid Aassi
A collection of heart-mutterings, self contemplations.
Aconite by KesseyCoos
Aconiteby Kessey
**shortlisted on The Tiger Awards 2019** Chrispyn's life is turned upside down when the unexplainable happens. Not only is one of his best friends missing, but he's pret...
EVERY BREATH OF LIFE by -acrownofthorns
Poetic musings of a lost soul in a great universe. -------------- 10/31/2020 update Now a preview with some of my favorite poems I've written. The full book will be sold...
Serenity |✒ by Moonwake9
Serenity |✒by Rachel
Poems about Life. About nature. About today, tomorrow and forever.
The Stone of Destruction by GwendolynKok
The Stone of Destructionby Gwendolyn
The Watch serie I: The Stone of Destruction A long time ago people possessed the Watch. Wars broke out to get it, people died. The last person who had it in his power wa...
The Royal Commoner by Duchess_Royale
The Royal Commonerby Aditi
Sarah Matthews is determined to live a simple life. With her mother absent from her life, she yearns for some stability. Katie, her best friend, and she expect to spent...
🌮 || Invader at the Wheel by theinkmarina
🌮 || Invader at the Wheelby theinkmarina
The date is September 19th, 2019, and Dib Membrane wants nothing more than to partake in the raid on Area 51. But, as with all events contradictory of 'real science', hi...
Imperium by love_smiley_face
Imperiumby A M E L I A
"They said I was their only hope. That I was the strongest..." After being Isolated from the world for 6 years, Blaire must lead her kind to safety after e...
Skin & Mirror by frostedlavender
Skin & Mirrorby lav
Book 2 Skin & Mirror tells a tale of humanity. Humans are complex, beautiful creatures that are desperate to be noticed. This book captures the little moments- good and...
Prom Ghosts (A Perry Moxley & Harry Singer Story) by thejcstories
Prom Ghosts (A Perry Moxley & Jules Dionne
Let's have some ghost hunting adventures.... Perry is just your average, straight A's, normal teenage girl who has weirdos for brothers and lives a fairly normal life. O...
Deep Cosmos 2, Hacked by ProjectKyle
Deep Cosmos 2, Hackedby Project Kyle
"He who controls the power grid, controls humanity itself." The 2nd book in the Deep Cosmos series! Devron, an insane cyberterrorist with the ability to hack...
Bain And Barker : A simple love story by sweetstory1122
Bain And Barker : A simple love nandhana
EDITED BY @EthanWarwright AND @Enchantinglypeachy Abbie Bain is facing the crisis of her life.The story starts when Abbie returns home after a week; a day earlier that...
Thunderstorm by Revan1466
Thunderstormby Revan14
The lightning crashed. The world was engulfed in a seemingly endless storm.... Jennifer woke up. It took her a minute to realize what happened. Then she remembered the a...