The Fake Voldemort

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Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they live inside your head.


A/N: This is before the shadows live together.

Narrator's pov

It was Halloween. The triplets were 5,
everyone was coming around for a Halloween party.

The guest list:
The Black-Lupins
The Malfoys
Hermione Granger
The weasleys
Luna Lovegood
Pansy Parkinson
Theo Nott
The longbottoms
Blaise Zabini
Holly Meadows

The triplets were having a nap upstairs, whilst the two adult potters were getting ready for the party.
But whilst Lily was cooking, the door-bell rang, so james had to get up(To his dismay) and answer the door. As he slowly opened excepted to be someone from the guest list but who he saw was way far off.

It was him, You-know-who, The dark lord or known as Voldemort!
James quickly got out his wand sending hexes his way,
"LILY, IT'S YOU-KNOW-WHO, SO COME HELP" James screamed out to his wife. Lily grabbed her wand and ran as fast as she could to the front door not knowing that Voldemort was fake.

The two potters and Voldemort screaming and sneering hexes, unforgivable curses at each other.

All of a sudden a "pop" could be heard and you could see all the guests and Dumbledore stood there. Only Dumbledore, Molly, Arthur, the adult longbottoms took their wands out. everyone else knew it was fake,even the kids and they're like 5-6,but didn't say anything.

No one knew there were a tall figure in the triplets room. That figure was the greatest wizard of all time, Merlin.
But you see Merlin needs to have an heir so he split his power into two giving the oldest two his powers.

Merlin's Powers
Animal talk
Elemental power
Wandless Magic
Wordless Magic
The sight
Magical Resistance

Harry got 1/2 of each one and same with Leah. So individually they're a bit stronger than Merlin because of their magic core but together they're the strongest out of both, the wizarding world and muggle world.

After Merlin gave his power to harry and Leah, his body just withered away causing the house to blow up and a beam to fall on Sam's cheek giving him a 'V' Shape scar.

Everyone, including the kids who were on some of the adult's back or running with them, ran towards the triplets. All looked surprised to see the two oldest of the triplets sleeping soundless and the youngest crying. All the adults except Sirius,Remus,Holly,Alice threw the kid who was on their back to the ground. Alice and Sirius who let Fred and George who were on their backs down ran towards the Harry and Leah, feeling a very powerful aura around them. They stared at them wondering what happened, well that was until Dumbledore interrupted their thoughts.

"It looks like Voldemort produced a fake him so he could try and kill the strongest triplet, but it backfired and killed him. So Sam Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived." Dumbledore said, knowingly with a smug-look on his face.
"You might want to take Harry and Leah to your sister's Lily" Dumbledore said but sneered as he said Leah and Harry's name.

"Yeah, we don't want them to distract Sam or get jealous." Lily agreed with James,2 Malfoys, 2 weasleys, 2 Longbottom nodding in agreement.

Sirius mumbled something.
"What was that Padfoot?" James asked confused.

"You lot are disgusting! Is this what you would do to your kids?!" Sirius yelled in disgust and anger, before yelling, "I'm taking harry,Leah, Luna,Hermione, Neville, Fred, George, Draco,Pansy,Theo and Blaise to live with me! Assholes, the lot of you"

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT" Molly screeched, causing children to cover their ears.

"Actually He can" lucius said, willingly forgive up Draco if it means to protect him. "All he has to do is say is: I,His name, am now the protector, guardin for what ever the kids name is, forever and more".

Molly sneered at Lucius, she didn't want her misbehaving children to leave.

As soon as Sirius heard what Lucius said he started saying the words.
"I, Sirius Orion Black, am now 1/4 of the protector,guardian of Harry Potter, Leah Potter,Hermione Granger,Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, George Weasley,Fred Weasley,Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Theo Nott forever more so mote it be" Remus,Alice and Holly did the same thing.

After they all finished, they went up to the children and got hold of their hands before looking at the other adults saying "I hope I can see your reaction on the day you realised you fucked up big time." He then apparated to the Black-Lupin-Meadow-Frost Manor.


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