My Boss Got Me Fallin' In LOVE 1

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As all the stories start, this first chapter might be a little informative and at the same time, boring. Well, it is about introducing the characters, right? So, I hope you'll read the whole chapter and all the other chapters after this one...because they'll be (I hope) way better than this chapter.

Okay, I'll stop babbling now.

Read and enjoy. And just so you know, I write every week...but during winter break, I'll probably write more than usual.

My parents looked at me like I was half crazy. Dad was already standing up and rubbing his forehead while Mom's eyebrows were meeting.

I was going to be a working student. And they need to accept that fact - not to mention, I'll need their consent first. Not that I need the money. In fact, our family's -I am- pretty wealthy.

"All I need is the experience from this job. I need something to write in my résumé or my bio-data if ever I'm going to work in the fashion industry and have a high position." I explained

"Well, Katee, why don't you just get into the family business? You're father's the president of Adams Enterprises and your brother is somewhere near the top already."

"Mom, we've already talked about this." I shook my head and looked down "I told you, this isn't what I want and as I remember, you and Dad have already agreed."

Mom sighed in defeat then finally nodded as she remembered our discussion a few months ago.

"But why do you need to rush this now? Can't you just go get that experience of yours after graduating from college? Katee, you're graduating this year." My dad sat beside mom.

"Dad, you know business. And you know that getting a good reputation could keep me on top. Besides, I'm not going to let my studies down." I said as I moved closer to them and tried to look pitiful.

Mom stared at me for a while and her expression softened while Dad gave a sigh of surrender "Alright, but your studies better not be put aside, young lady." He warned.

"If your Father agrees, then I have no choice." Mom smiled.

I got up and hugged them both, trying to contain a squeal.

"Thank you both of you!" I hugged them hard as they tapped me on the back.

The truth was: I already knew they were going to say yes. That is why just a day before, I've already submitted my application to Leighton Industries back in New York. I was just actually visiting my parents in Seattle for the weekends just to formally get their permission.

The family's company: Adams Enterprises, has bought and supervised a lot of hotels not only in the US, but also in Asia.

I arrived back to New York the very next day and got an e-mail that I got into Leighton Industries and that I'm supposed to start on Monday already.

Feeling happy, I fell asleep peacefully in my apartment that night.

Chapter 1


I yawned, stretched and smiled excitedly. ITS MY FIRST DAY OF WORK! I jumped out of my bed then looked at the mirror and squealed in excitement. I really don't know why I'm THIS excited but I got a feeling that this day will turn out good...

I hurriedly took a bath. Then, still in my robe, I headed to the kitchen and prepared pancake with grapes and chocolate. I looked at the clock: 8:25. My work starts at 9:30 today.Since the building is just a block away from my apartment, I didn't have to rush.

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