3 Girls In An All Boys Bording School - chapter 1

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Chapter 1.

Shannons POV.

"Shannon Shannon!!!" My best friend Phoebe shouted. Her fringe wad covering her face, she was very tall and had brown eyes and medium lenth brown hair with blonde streaks. She always had a big smile on her face and was totally mentle about cats, were as me and Emma are dog lovers.

"what's up Chuck" I said while flicking through the channels on my T.V

"Im moving schools! my mums friend is wanting three girls to join his school in New York THE BIG CITY!!" I froze and dropped the remote on the bed i got up and stared at her what would me and emma do now. Our best friend was going to leave us. By the way Emma was the hyper one, blonde hair and brown eyes, she was tall too. Not like me i was smaller then her. Sadly. But i had brown eyes and hair with a nice fringe that just about coverd my left eye. Im the random one, and the stupid one to.

 "Hey you guys cheer up i have more to tell." Me and Emma looked at each other.

"Not more bad news if it?" Emma said looking down at her feet.

"No silly. As i said My mums friend wants three girls there and i get to choose the other two. Which you guys proberly could guess who the other two are."

I jumped up and screamed high pitch defening Emma and Phoebe. Emma joined in and started jumping up and down. We were all hugging each other running around in circles.

"I can't believe you have just asked me that. I hope my mum will approve." I said sitting down on my bed.

"Don't worry its all planned. My mum spoke to both of your mums and they agreed to it. All i needed to do was ask if you guys wanted to come."

"I hope there are some right fit lads there" Emma said falling back on the bed and giggled.

"hahaa i fogot to tell you guys, It's an all boys bording school" I looked up at Phoebe thinking she was taking the piss.

"OMG really, That means fitt guys 24/7. Aggrrhhhh." I screamed so load that my mum came running into my room shouting whats happend. I ran over to my mum hugging her tightly saying is it true. She hugged me back.

" You better start getting your bags packed your leaving in a week."

"A Week" Emma shouted "i betta go home" At this point she gave me and phoebe a hug and ran down stairs and stright out of the door.

It was just me and Phoebe in my bedroom now, since my mum ran of to check on the dinner.

"A week" i said smiling.

"yeah a week, and best of all think off all those fitt lads that are gona be there." I Walked over to were she was standing and hugged her tightly. We always have these loving moments were we would just walk up to each other and give each other random hugs.

"can you help me to pack?" I was so happy i wanted to pack stright away.

"Now, Yeah of corse darl" I relesed her from my hug and started to get my suit cases out and shouted my dad to get the carbord boxes from out attack.

My Note - Sorry about it being short. its the first chapter and as soon as i get the story going when there at the accademy they will be longer chapters.

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