3 girls in an all boys bording school - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Shannon's POV*

We arrived at the bording school at 8pm. I looked out of the window and saw a huge old building. I stared wide eyed at it while Phoebe was nudging me to get out of the car. The school had a huge garden and lots of land, there was a path way of stones leading to the entrance. I got my luggage and followed my new friends. As soon as i walked in it looked amazing. A Water fountain stood in the middle of the entrance. There was a huge desk were and two old woman were there sitting, typing on a computer. We headed up and gave our names in. The old woman stood up and started talking to us.

"Oh hello you must be the new girls joining our school. Welcome to St Barbers High." We made Phoebe answer her because we were to busy glaring at the fountain.

"Hi there, yeah were Phoebe, Shannon and Emma. Nice to meet you."

"Awhh thank you. Wait there and ill just get you a map of the school and your dorm keys." While the woman got our keys the boys came over.

"Hey were gona go to our dorm rooms so we will catch you up later?" Dillan said while chucking his key in the air and catching it.

"Yeahh sure thing,  atch yahh Innabit!" I said. The boys started walking across the room to the lifts. The woman came back with the 3 envolopes in her hand.

"There we go you've each got a map, dorm number and a key, also i have a message from the head for you meet him at his office. His office is just down that corridor at the end." The Woman handed us the envolope and pointed to a long narrow corridor.

We all said thank you and started heading down the corridor. The walls were beautifuly decorated with long tall pillars with flowers carved in. We got to the end and saw huge big doors with Mr. Bandanas name on it. This was the head masters name. We knocked on the door and got told to come in.

"Well hello there you must be Phoebe, Shannon and Emma. Welcome to St Barbers high. Please take a seat." He pointed to the chairs and we sat down.

"hii there, yeahh we are im Phoebe."

"Oh so your Susans Daughter. How's she doing?" Susan is Phoebes mum by the way.

"Oh she's good thanks."

"good good. I heard you've got your keys with you and a map of the school. I hope you will enjoy your time here, if you have any problems you know were to find me." He smiled and stood up.

"We will thanks again." We stood up and gave him a little wave. we walked back through the big broud doors, making away down the corridor. We sat down on a bench and opened our letters.

"My dorms 273"

"Really mines 274 next door to yours." I was hoping i had Emma in my dorm now since Phoebe got to go next door to me.

"272. Damn guess were not together then." Emma was on the other side of me sadly.

"Do you think we will have room mates?"

"Phoebe how can you say that" I said laughing my head of

"Yeahh Phoebe, actully i hope so to" I laughed at Emma wanting to be room mates with boys i gues she hopeing its nick hahaa.

"Right well shall we go and find out then" i said

"Yeahh lets go" Phoebe Stood up and started walking. We followed her to the lift we were on the 3rd floor.  We got out of the lift and walked down to were we found our room numbers.

"Well i guess ill see you guys in a bit then"

"Yeahh dont worry em hahaa"

I turned the key and stepped into my room to find 3 lads sitting on the couch. The room was immense!  It had a couch in the middle with a plasma screen TV. The kitchen was in the liveing room with a breakfeast table with tall chairs. I gota say this school was the best school i've ever been to.

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