3 girls in an all boys bording school - chapter 2

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Still Shannon's POV

Chapter 2: The Last Night At Home

Over the past couple of days I couldn't stop thinking about New York. Today was my last day with my family, so I spent it with my mum and my sister Melissa. Mel is just a bit taller than me and has brown hair and blue eyes. She is the total opposite to me. She's a girly girl, where as I'm a tomboy. We both wear makeup, but I don't wear as much as her.

They took me shopping to the mall as a surprise. We got there and my sister said she would treat me to a new hair cut and a makeover. We went in the salon and Mel, my mum and I had a full makeover. I got my hair cut quite short because I knew it be at least 6 months until I get my next one.

We went for lunch next at Pizza Hut and then we went shopping. I hate shopping but this time I had to go. Mum got me lots of clothes for New York including lots of tank tops and shorts, and the odd dress. She also bought me some brand new makeup. I could tell my sister was jealous!

We got in the car and drove home. Mum kept asking me questions and it got really annoying so I turned the radio up in an attempt to drown her out. We were finally home and Dad said we could order a takeaway tonight. We ordered a curry and then Mum made me finish packing the rest of my things.

While I was packing, I noticed my mum was crying. I walked over to hug her.

"Mum, are you alright?" I said, a tear running down my cheek.

"Yes honey, I'm just a bit upset that you're leaving tomorrow, but I'll be fine."

" I know you are Mum, but don't worry, I'll always have my mobile and laptop with me."   She looked up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then we heard my dad shouting that the delivery man was here. Mum went to the bathroom to sort herself out while I went downstairs to help my dad get the plates.

"Last meal before you leave!"   Dad said while we unpacked the food. Suddenly I remembered I had to get up at three in the morning, and let's just say I'm not a morning person.

"I know! I can't wait! But I'm gonna miss you guys..." I said, while bringing the curry in the living room.

"We'll miss you too, Babe. Now, what movie would you like to watch?" Dad said, with a wink.

"Erm..." I thought about it for a second "How about John Tucker Must Die?" It's my fave film of all time, I can watch it over and over again and I still won't get bored.

"Alright then, put it on" said my dad, grudgingly. He hates this film but it was my last day so obviously he had to let me watch it. I put the film on and we sat there eating our curries.

(A couple of hours later)

The movie had finished and I was knackered. I said 'Night' to my family and headed up to get ready for bed. I had my shower and changed into my PJs. I only had about 5 hours sleep until I had to wake up again.

(Five hours later)

"Shannon! SHANNON! Wake up; you have a plane to catch." I woke up, swung my arm in the air and hit something.

"Ouch!" It was my brother Alex. Alex has blonde hair and blue eyes, and is tall. Very tall.

"Dad's put your suitcases in the car. He says you need to get up and get dressed in five minutes, so be quick."

"Alright, bro" I said, saluting him.

I got up and dressed. I slapped some makeup on and went down stairs. Mum told me to get in the car while she locked the house up. Emma and Phoebe texted me saying they were already at the airport. We were all squashed up in the car, so we were lucky it only took twenty minutes to get there.

When arrived at the airport Alex and my dad grabbed my luggage out of the car. Mum, Mel and me walked in the entrance.


I heard Emma scream and she ran towards me. She jumped up on me, hugging me tightly. Phoebe was running behind her and jumped on Emma, so we all fell to the ground. Mum told us to get off the floor 'cause people were starting to stare. We got up, laughing hysterically and sat down on the hard plastic chairs.

Mum is good friends with Emma and Phoebe's parents, so they had a chat while we three girls excitedly talked about New York. We heard our flight being called out and we walked towards the departure area. I said 'good bye' and gave a hug to everyone, and promised Mum and Dad that I would call them as soon as I got there. I climbed up the steps, gave my ticket and passport to the air hostess while my friends followed behind. I gave one last wave and boarded the plane.

My Notes - Hey peeps sorry bout my spelling. its not the best as you can see and if i have made a serious mistake please spill. Hope your enjoying the story Comment plzz :) <3 PS. The chapters will startt to get longer.

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