Chapter Thirteen: Unknown

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It was a trap. A trap I say. My eyes were locked on the door. I did not move from where I was standing, instead I just looked around. I know that if I made a ran for it, I'd be doomed. "It must be hard to choose. Is it not, Simon?" I heard a female voice through what sounded like a speaker, chuckling. That voice sounded familiar, as if I heard of that voice haunting me for years. "Who are you? Show yourself!" I yelled. "Why should I? To attack me? How foolish that would seem." the female voice laughed.

"It would seem that your the foolish one here. You must be weak by not showing yourself, are you not?" I smirked. If I show even just a little bit of bragging maybe I could make her come out and show herself. She did not reply, but I could hear her annoyed at what I said, or even offended.

Then, I heard her chuckle. "We'll see whose really weak after this." she laughed. Before I could even say a single word, arrows began to shoot at me by the engines that was hidden at the walls. It was only a few meters off the ground, I could just climb on somewhere tall.

I climbed on the bed as another engine appeared. It turned its engine at me and began to shoot arrows. I jumped out off the bed and through the curtains, I ripped it apart and made it my own shield. It was a thick fabric, but it did not mean that there's no possibility of me not getting shot.

I saw the white closet at the very corner of the room, close by the engine. I dodge every arrow and made it to the closet, but it was budged. I cursed under my breath. I suddenly felt something stab me on my ankle, making me bit my lip in pain. She was making me entertained. She put this closet on purpose.

I heard her laughing through the speaker, her odd familiar laugh that had haunted me for years. "You have no escape, not this time!" she laughed once more. This time?

I turned around and saw the camera. I knew that the camera was connected through every machine. "I'm getting quite bored, might as well kill you already." she yawned. I smirked at the camera as the walls began to move towards me. I did not have time to persuade, I had to destroy that camera, but it was too high up for me to just grab and punch.

I began to move the desks and the closet towards the camera. I did not have time to lose, the walls will crush me any soon now. I have to act fast. I began climbing up the little staircase I just built. The walls becoming closer and closer to my own body, ready to crush me whole.

The closet was beginning to break. I climbed up faster and reached for the camera just in time and gave her my last words, "Try again next time, it might work." I chuckled and punched the camera as hard as I can. I pulled the camera off the wall and saw wires, blue, yellow and red, all connected to the engines and the walls that is about to give me death.

I pulled all of the wires off as the walls finally stopped. I sigh in relief, finally over this. The walls were thin and the door was right in front of me. I Immediately took off and got out of this tight space. My eyes were wide open at the place I was looking at. I was staring at an abandoned home, where she lived.

Just then, a knife flew right in front of me and into the wall. "Welcome back, Simon. I missed you very dearly, did you?"

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