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The sun flooded into the room, shining against my pale, silky skin. My eyes fluttered open, I gently turned around to find the bed empty with me only in it. I gripped the sheets tightly around my body and sat up. I searched the room looking for Carter but he was no where to be found till I heard the bathroom door open, in comes Carter looking dashing in rip black jeans and a knitted jacket. Wait a minute.

"Where did you get that shirt??" I stood up on my knees. His eyes finally meant mine and then memories flashed through my head, last nights events made my blush lightly.

"Your mom bought it for me." Carter turned around and grabbed his coffee, that was sitting on the table.

Wow he fucked me and now wearing the shirt my mother bought him, also my mom lied when she said it was for a coworker.

"That's great." I said, now angry that his wearing the shirt my mom bought him. I stood up and tried walking towards the bathroom but a hand caught mine, ruffle. Carters hand.

"Listen to me. Your nothing to me but a stress relief, I love your mother and it's always going to be her." Carter said with no sort of compassion towards me, his voice was laced with hatred.

I wanted to cry. Why did I let him use me again? Why do I even care if his wearing that shirt, his marrying my mother for crying out loud.

I made eye contact with him and nodded my head, I pulled my arm back and started to open the bathroom door before I closed it I whispered. "can you please place my clothes on top of the toilet."

He nodded. I closed the door and starred at myself through this huge mirror, all I seen was how ugly I was. My dark bags under my eyes, my messy hair wasn't even blonde it was more a yellow color, my lips were small. I dropped the sheet and starred at my body, god didn't bless me with big boobs, my body looks like a five year old boys instead of a 17 year old women. Tears started to brim my eyes, Carter makes me question everything about myself and it kills me that I gave him the satisfaction. I turned on the water and stepped inside.

I ran my face under the warm water trying to get some comfort, my hands ran through my wet, heavy hair, I starred at the checkered wall in front of me. The bathroom door open, my heart literally dropped to my ass, I tightened my fingers around my blonde locks. I shoved my head under the water trying to mute his movements from my ears.

I stepped out of the shower, drying my face and body. I wrapped the soft towel around my body. My clothes were neatly placed on the toilet. I rubbed my elbow against the foggy mirror, my red self came in view.

"Hurry up, Isabella." I heard Carter shout from outside. I placed on a pair of rip jeans and a simple jacket, I tied my hair up in a messy bun.

Carter hung up the phone once I got out. "Take me home." I whisper. "I swear to you I won't tell no one about this. I won't ever look at you or even talk to you. I'm done Carter." I said calmly.

Carter crosses his arms, his eyes search around my face for a lie but he couldn't detect one. I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, his eyes followed my movement which got me more nervous.

"I can't do that." Carter says.

"Why the fuck not?? I'm not going to say anything, I'll move back with my aunt, I'll do anything to be away from you!" I shout. I was now angry, doesn't he get it? I can't be around him without losing myself or hurting my mother.

"You don't get who I am." Carter shouts, making me jump in the process. "I'm someone very dangerous and I killed other dangerous person."

"I don't give a fuck! I want to go home!" I shout even louder, challenging him.

"If you go home their kill you and I won't let that happen. Your mother would be broken, I won't break her more." Carter says calmly. That sentence made my heart feel a type way, it hurt me, it hurt me a lot. He cares about my mother being broken then me dying.

"Right." I turned around, my back was facing him now. I felt tears trail my face, I quickly wipe them away. I hugged myself tightly. "I'll meet you by the car." I whispered lowly, trying to cover up my wobbly voice, I opened the door and walked out.

Carters car beeped, I sat in the back not wanting to be near him anymore. Carter didn't say anything but just glance at me and turned back to the steering wheel. I leaned against the car window, I allowed tears to trail my face. How did my life end up like this? Ryan ruined me but Carter...his going to kill me, break me till I'm nothing. I watched as we past by houses, people, children, couples, they all look so happy with life. I wish I had my dad so he could tell me what to do, how I should handle this situation.

"We're stopping for food." Carter says.

"I'm not hungry." I whispered.

"I don't give a fuck, I am." Carter said bluntly. I sat up a little and starred at him through the rear view mirror, tear stains covered my cheeks, I probably look like a mess. He showed no emotion and pulled the car into the parking lot.

I crossed my legs and arms, showing him I'm not getting out from this car.

"Get out, Isabella." Carter demands.

"Uh nope I'm good." I replied with attitude.

"Isabella if you don't get up and use those long legs of yours I will pick ur ass up so hard and walk inside the restaurant." Carter growls. "And everyone could see your perky ass."

I gulped at his words, shivers crawled my arms, my lips became dry. I nodded my head confirming that I'll get down.

"Good girl." Carter says.

"I'm just doing it because I don't want you to touch me." I hissed. If he thought he won this fight he is sadly mistaken.

"Aren't we a little to late for that." Carter smirks.

I opened the door and shut it hard. The restaurant wasn't fancy at all, it was like a little hole in the wall. The lady was very attentive, she was an older lady with a beautiful smile. Carter has his stone cold look like always, but her smile made me smile.

"Qué puedo conseguir, niños?" The sweet old lady spoke in her language. I smiled and glance at Carter for help.

"What do you want?" Carter translate her words for me.

I smiled once again. "Pancakes with strawberries and blueberries." I told Carter and glance back at the lady who was smiling at me.

"Panqueques con fresas y arándanos con dos aguas." Carter's spanish came out smooth and deep, it was hot. I now realize I never heard him speak in spanish this was the first time and it made me feel jiggly.

The lady smiled and collected the menus. Now the awkward silence, maybe it's awkward because we slept together last night or because I cried in front of him or maybe all the other things that happened.

Jig jig

My eyes came in contact with the front door that was now being opened.

A dark feeling grew inside of me, this wasn't going to be good.
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