soft spoken words

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Tord was sitting in toms lap, babbling on incoherently. It was endearing, the way he reacted to the scenes on-screen or the way he would stare up at tom like he was the greatest thing ever.

Of course, he still wasn't letting go of toms finger, but at least he wasn't biting on it. Even if he only had like 2 teeth that shit hurt! Luckily edd and matt walked in carrying a few bags, and tom was surprised to see Eduardo and Jon carrying a big box.

"We're back! And with help" Edd cheered, dropping some bags onto the couch. He got down on his knees to get eye level with tord. "Hi, tord!"

"Ahh!" Tord squealed, waving his arms crazily. Edd smiled, meeting toms 'eye'. Cute. Tord was too cute for this world.

"Aww, he's so cute" Jon squealed, leaning against the arm of the chair. Tord looks at him, kicking his legs playfully as he reached out. He babbled loudly, seemingly trying to get him to pick him up.

"I think he likes you Jon" edd chuckled as Jon picked up the Norwegian child. Tord giggled, burying his head in Jon's chest.

"Huh, he really likes people." Tom murmured, and if anyone asked he wasn't at all jealous that tord wanted Jon over him. Nope. It was just that he vowed his life for the infant, and was worried for his safety. Wait- THAT WASN'T ANY FUCKING BETTER!

"Yeah, he's really social for someone his age. He's probably 6 months old" Jon said. Tord cocked his head curiously. He patted his cheek lightly. "Hey!"

"Jon," said boy turned to Matt, who was holding a bottle full of formula. "Eduardo needs some help setting up the crib. I'll feed him" Tord was handed over the ginger, and Jon left to help.

"You know how to feed a baby?" Edd asked quizzically. Matt nodded, sitting down and cradling tord gently and allowing him to suck on the bottle.

"I raised my little siblings, so I'm pretty good with kids. And we'll need to get some more baby food, he's definitely old enough." Matt said with a grin, surprising them.

"Well then, you'll have to teach us what you know" Edd chuckled. Who'd of thought that matt would be good with kids?

Tord yawned, pushing the bottle away. "Oh, had enough?" Matt handed edd the bottle to be put away before moving tord's head to his shoulder. He lightly padded tord's back until the child burped.

"Wow, you're a natural!" Edd gasped. Matt blushed, rocking tord in his arms as the baby was close to sleep. Tord was soon asleep, peacefully resting in Matt's arms.

"Yeah..." Tom huffed. Raising an eyebrow, Matt offered tom the sleeping infant. Okay so maybe he was a little more obvious than he would've liked. It didn't matter, he got tord back in his grasp.

"I don't think I've ever seen you smile at something so lovingly other than your flask and Susan" His browned haired friend chuckled softly. Tom flushed, but couldn't actually do anything.

"You're lucky there's a sleeping child in my arms, or I'd deck you" he spat angrily. Of course, edd only laughed harder. Matt shook his head fondly. He knew that it didn't matter if tord was asleep or awake, Tom just wanted to hold him. Fucking softy.

Matt hushed Tord softly, rubbing comforting circles on his back to calm him. His eyes landed on the glowing digital clock by the crib, 2:34 am. "Shh, it's okay. I'm here now, shh, it's alright" he murmured.

Tord's cries eventually turned to sniffles as he stared up at matt in the darkness of his nursery. Matt gave him a tired smile. It seemed tord was determined to stay with the tall ginger, as he wasn't having being put back into his cradle.

"Seriously?" Matt yawned. The angry pout he received told him all he needed to know. Sighing, Matt moved to sit in the rocking chair he'd put in here. Matt always knew that the chair would come in handy someday. Softly he began singing.

You've got it all

You've lost your mind in the sound

There's so much more

You can reclaim your crown

You're in control

Rid of the monsters inside your head

Put all your faults to bed

You can be king again

Matt dozed off as well, still hold tord in his arms. 

(A / N)
I don't know where I want this story to go, and its a lot harder to make chapters then I first thought. Any idea's? Help a child out. Also, I'm sorry for any errors, I have know idea if I'll fix them

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