Chase Jackson : A Journal of Love (Chp.1)

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When life offers you a chance to meet the love of you life, what do you do? Run, scape and maybe get to suicide? I dont think that I will do this, at least not now. But first let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Chase Jackson and well im.. in love.

This is my journal and where I will write about me and my love life.. sometimes loveless.

Being in love its not a wonderful thing (at least at my wiew). I dont know if you guys are in love but I think its not the best thing in the globe. This thing that we call "love" hurts..and sometimes kill.

Let me tell you something about one girlfriend that I have five months ago (more and less)

Her name is Fernanda, she has a great body and a beatiful face. She is in my school and I enjoyed to see her at any time that I could.

I remember when I decide to ask her to be my girlfried (we were alredy good friends).. but wait! Im lying, I wasnt the one who ask to have a relationship no no no! It was her.. yep!

I remeber that I log in to my Facebook and I found that I had an inbox so I decide to read it. I was expecting one of my uncle.

"Hey, are you there" . The inbox says.

So I start thinking and then I answer.

"Yes, tell me how are you?"

I wait and then I startes watchinf pictures from my friends. And 5 minutes later she answered.

"Fine and desperate. Im really in love with you.. I love you, I think you are wonderful and I want you to be my boyfriend".- She finished

When I read that inbox I was really.. in shock. A beatiful girl wich I might be in love ask me to be his botfriend? I cant believe it. Im not actually in love with her, beacuse I also feel something for another girl - I mean I cant decide wich one- but she is a great girl and also she is very funny. So I prepared to Answer her.

"OMG!, i cant believe it- I write- are you really asking me that? You know what? I think you are awsome and beatiful so YES, I acept.. Now Im your new boyfriend".- I ended.

I mean now I have a girlfriend.. no more single days. I was really happy .. In love.. let me tell you that love is good when something like this happens .. bur something good storys have bad ends.

We started texting, going out ... everything was perfect.. a perfect love story. I was happy she was happy.. we told each other "I love you¿" more than a hundred of times and we have a lo of sex.. good sex. But I wont tell about the sex.. cuz I thing this is private.. but let me tell you: IT WAS GREAT!

I was really in love with her.. unlees I was before I recieved that f***** inbox.

I remember that i was log in to facebook because I have to send her the inbox of the day. We use to send inbox every day if we dont see each other.

When I decided to write the inbox I recieved one.

I open the inbox and I read:

"Chase , I love you.. you are awsome and really lovely. But I cant be with you when Im loving another person. I know that I did and Im doing wrong, I play with you ... I know I broke your heart and that now you propably hate me - YOU ARE RIGHT!- but let me tell you that the girl that really fall in love with you .. will be really proud of you. Take care. Love you."

Huh? I mean.. you are a B#$%! ... you play with me.. and let me tell you that well you are right.. I hate you more than I hate my died foster brother, and you know what thats means.

That is my point.. I really dont like love storys when they come to and end.. one like this.

I have faith that I will find a perfect girl for me.. no one like this ..

What do you think about love?? Please let me know.

- ChaseJackson

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