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Gravity Falls x Reader [...WHY??!!!] by Nixadmos
Gravity Falls x Reader [ Nixadmos
The reader is spending the summer at her cousin's tourist trap. Who, you ask? Why, none other that Li'l Gideon, of course! You are a true psychic. You see truths, and yo...
Walk A Mile (Camren) by weyheylovato
Walk A Mile (Camren)by Kara Lova†o
(in my shoes) • Look with your eyes. Judge with your soul. • First impressions almost always suck. They can be spot on or way off, depending on how open and receptive y...
The Game Plan (Camren) by weyheylovato
The Game Plan (Camren)by Kara Lova†o
it's psychological warfare.
My Angel by HardyTwister
My Angelby Hardy
DipperGleefulxReader (I just edit the picture. None is mine only the halo and words is all I drew. The rest was just pictures i put together) (Y/N) have moved to a new t...
WUTHERING NIGHTS: A Wuthering Heights Teen Fan Fiction by SummerDay9
WUTHERING NIGHTS: A Wuthering Summer Day
When Heath and kate meet as children they form a bond that lasts forever in this teen vampire romance. Inspired by the classic, gothic novel: Wuthering Heights.
Written. (JB//Complete) by explicitlyjimiin
Written. (JB//Complete)by r i s s a
"What's so special that's in that journal of yours?" Justin's eyes gleamed with curiosity and for a second, I thought he was teasing. "Nothing." &quo...
Are you sure? | A Gravity Falls Story by WinterIsCalling37
Are you sure? | A Gravity Falls WinterIsCalling37
This takes place just before Weirdmageddon. And lately, Bill has been tormenting Dipper more then usual. Dipper had been very frustrated lately and Bill Cipher has been...
The best lover ever by c_h_o_c_o_
The best lover everby Aditi Varshney
Arunita, an Indian girl, works as an intern in a telecommunication company. She is a romantic at heart and an out and proud lesbian. Ridhima, another Indian girl, works...
Justin Bieber Imagines by batmanwife13
Justin Bieber Imaginesby Karrington Jones
This book is original, and it was made for Beliebers of any race. This book is full of imagines starring the man that I have been a very proud Belieber of since Day 1. I...
Icara's Journal by IceWaterWind
Icara's Journalby Amorphous Blue
SPOILERS FOR SKYBORN: PHOENIX FLIGHT BY JESSICA KHOURY! This is a series of short journal entries written by Icara over the years. The writings are snippets of an untold...
Runaway Rock Star (An OHSHC Fan-Fic) by Snakadaktal
Runaway Rock Star (An OHSHC | Dasia |
Sakuya Kimura is known as the leader of a famous rock band called, Frozen in a Moment. She lives a carefree life which consisted of total freedom and no parental guidanc...
Justin bieber Imagines by BiebersButt16
Justin bieber Imaginesby BiebersButt16
Here are some dirty,funny,sad etc etc imagines for you! I take request sometimes
Don't Separate Our Destinies by vodkadrews
Don't Separate Our Destiniesby vodkadrews
CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION [BOYXBOY] Jason McCann and Justin Bieber were once happily married. 5 years to be exact. During the third year, they were blessed with twins...
Serenity || An Otherkin's Journal by Felidaea
Serenity || An Otherkin's Journalby animal mum
*when you can't be fucked to design a proper cover for your journal so you just slap a picture of a Samoyed puppy on instead* *Note: I later find out I'm not just a stan...
Mad Hatter, Bill Cipher by -BillCipherXx
Mad Hatter, Bill Cipherby -BillCipherXx
I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad- The craziest friend that you've ever had. You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone. Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong.
home » l.s [completed] by wokeful
home » l.s [completed]by paris
home is where the heart is. © wokeful
Just North of Normal: Gravity Falls Fanfiction by reallycleverusername
Just North of Normal: Gravity Mordie Robin
Dipper Pines has built up some experience solving mysteries, but when a strange girl shows up at the Mystery Shack one day, a girl Grunkle Stan claims to be their cousin...
Depression by illonemina
Depressionby Clarissa Russell
voice held back through own troubles with life even as an older person
Malcolm's Journals - MITM Drabble by jamsandbutter
Malcolm's Journals - MITM Drabbleby jamsandbutter
Fifteen years after Malcolm Wilkerson has graduated from high school, we take a peek into his secret journals he has carried around for years. [Warning for some headcano...
**book covers** // ideas // by hirolooooo
**book covers** // ideas //by ♥에이바♥
**These are some book covers for when you're stuck making one or can't make one! I'll have many ideas for you :)** **PLEASE give credit if you are using these. I don't m...