Chase Jackson: A Journal of Love (Chp 2)

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  • Dedicated to My Grandma, that Rest in Peace!

I was reading one of my favorite books , "The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks.

At the time I was reading , I stop becuase something got to my mind..what that was? Let me tell you all of that..

"I think there are a lot of ways to express love, not only with a girl or boy .. not only loving a person. Love is somenthing we can give to every human being , or animal in this world. Love its not only having sex, give and recieve kiss , having a good time in valentines day and get married. I think that NOT! ..¿Am I Wrong? I mean , dont answer the question because I alredy know the answer. There are many ways to give Love"

I stop to think , and I went to get a cup of coffe.. I'm Chase Jackson.. I need coffe when Im writting.          

I continue.

"I know there are many ways. My Grandma died some days ago.. there is a way! You can give love to your family .. no , wait.. its not "you can" that correct way is "you should" . When you lose one member of your family you think that the world goes to the end of non-sense whole..¿right?. I remember that last day I spoke to my lovely grandma."

I start thinking in that.. the last day I spoke to my lovely and now dead grandma..

"It was a sunday. Normal sunday to visit my grandma. We usualy go to visit her on sundays because is the day that all of my family member and me have the day free, at all. I sit we her , I was eating a baleada -that last that she made- so we start talking. She was happy, ¿why? I mean.. grandmas are happy.. but it that righ moment she was happy because she knew I was going to meet his (my uncle) that leaved Honduras when I was a one year old, and now im 16. She was so do I. She started talking with me.. and then it was time to leave.."

I was happy at that moment.. so I gave her  kiss and I say goodbye to her.

She told me "I love you my boy"

I remeber the day my dad woke me up and told me that I have to take a shower and go with my mom becuase my grandma was sick and she was at the hospital. They told me that it wasnt something tha bad.

We went to the hospital, and she was there. She was sleeping, she seems good.

We spend the day there.. by the time the day passed they have to change her to another hospital because she was getting wrong.

They got her to a "better hospital" (at least thats what they said) and they told us, she was in danger on dead. That her body was just working with a little piece of heart. ¿Did you know how I felt in that moment? But they promesed to try to save her.. as any doctor say... B#$%&/ S&/()!

My mom and some of my aunts stay with her in the hospital and my dad and I leave and go to our home trusting that all was going to be well.

Next Day at morning..

My cousin Josh, woke my sister and me telling us that we should wake up because we were goint to the hospital.

When we were on the road, my dad called my cosuin.. I was worried.

Josh told us that we have to enter to the hospital with serenity and strong. That we are knew she died.

My grandma died. I lost her.. everybody cried.

Then the funeral, I dont sleep all the night.. I was the only of her grandsons that dont sleep that night. Then the other thing comes, it was so sad.. we leave her alone there in the cementery. I cried a lot.. I will miss her.

And now? My grandma died.. and what was the last thing she told to me? Yes! "I love you my boy". That what I mean, love its not only a boyfriend anf girlfriend thing.

Remeber that we should have o give love o anyone one we can.. LOVE IS FOR EVERY ONE!

                                                                            - Chase Jackson.

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