Extra Chapter One

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Not Quite The End...

The devil doesn't smile, it grins.
-Reem Aquil

"Be careful." Xavier growls at me, watching me with a slight glare as I continue to fix up the top of the tree. "The baby-"

"Zay I'm only nine weeks along, you don't need to be so overprotective." Huffing, I realize a second too late that I probably shouldn't have told him that as his eyes darken and he flashes his sharp teeth.

"Get down."

"What?" I pause, startled by how that sounded. "Xavier-"

I'm picked up without him even asking, meaning he's more than serious.

All devils are selfish, everyone had said.

But Xavier gave up his thoughts: "Then it will be my weapon. Make all things mine. Make my life and dream and hope mine. Protect them. Save them. Bring them into safety. Walk one the edge of a knife for them. Keep away the other predators. My dreams. My hope. My wife. My family. My land. My world. How dare they try to take these things, because they are mine and I have a duty."

And right now, it appears that right now we are Xavier's duty and he seems to be taking it more than seriously.

"You're mine. That baby is mine, and I'm not about to let a single fucking thing happen to what's mine." My husband says, not even willing to carry me any other way then bridal with a arm around my waist and a hand on my belly.

My I'm-Not-Even-Showing belly.

Ever since we found out I'm pregnant he's been overprotective, as I'm still going to work as a lawyer. He flat out refused to let me go to the prison, and as my assistant and the Devil, he's in the perfect position to make this request.

Problem was, that's where he saw his father.

They ignored each other, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mike didn't recognize the man Xavier has become.

"You need to calm down." I whisper, looping my arms around his neck so I can run one hand through his classically black hair. "I'm only in the first trimester, the baby isn't even showing yet. Nobody can even tell I'm pregnant. The doctor said there's not much chance of a miscarriage and I'm being more than careful...though he did say it will be difficult since I'm quote on quote 'tiny'. Plus it's not like I'm doing flips, it's only a Christmas tree."

My wolf boy snorts, clearly leading me into the bedroom. I groan, squirming in his arms. "I'm not going on bed rest until I'm quivering at the knees with-"

I was going to say quivering at the knees with labor pain but Xavier- -who has left us both sleeping in a pleasure filled bliss and me sore in the morning after every night since we found out we're having a baby, which goes to show just how happy he is about this whole things- -has other plans.

"I'll have you quivering with something alright. Don't fucking worry about that." I squeak at this, burying my face into his shoulder.

We're married.

This shouldn't be affecting me as much as it is.

I'm pregnant for gods sake.

Sex with him, anything with him really shouldn't affect me much anymore. I've been through almost everything with this man and he still makes me blush.

His hell fire wraps around me and since I've gotten colder when I'm pregnant, because I'm sharing blood flow or some shit that I was too busy watching the ultrasound screen to pay attention to though Xavier was soaking it all up.

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