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B U N N Y (Mature Audiences Only)

"Are you just going to stand their like a fucking statue?"

I rolled my eyes and closed the door behind me, I rushed over to the bathroom but before my hand came in contact with the door knob. Carter's hand came out in front of me, stopping me from moving.

"M-Move." I stuttered. God I sound so weak and stupid.

"I'm I making you nervous?" Carter lowly said into my ear, causing shivers to crawl up my back. My eyes were pasted to the floor, I was scared to make eye contact with his beautiful, evil eyes.

I finally made eye contact with him, I sallowed the huge knot in my throat. I licked my lips, wetting my dry, needy lips. Carters eyes dropped down towards my lips, his eyes glisten with curiosity. The air was intense, sexual frustration was surrounding the room, making the air unbearable. He slowly and carefully raised his hand up towards my cheek, his hand gently skims my cheek then he aggressively pulls my cheeks closer to his face, his hand is displayed around my neck.

"Your my temptation." He whispers.

I didn't know how to respond, I just stared into his dark, empty eyes. He turns to the left, looking outside at the rainy dark night. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, he looked gorgeous. He still had water droplets across his cheek, I softly wiped them away causing his attention to be back on me. What he did surprised me on so many levels.

He tugs my bottom lip as he kisses me hard. At first I fought it off, I tried getting away from him. I pushed my arms against his chest trying to get some space between us but it didn't work. Carter wrapped his hand around my neck, not enough to hurt me but to make me feel his need. I gave up and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck. I kissed him with the same passion, I tugged at his shirt wanting it to be gone.

"Jump." He grunts against my lips, I do what I'm told. I gasp once I felt his hand under my ass, gripping me hard against him. My legs found their way around his torso.

Still keeping my lips on his, I remove my shirt as fast as I could. He helps me by ripping my bra off, he immediately takes my right nipple into his soft, warm mouth, earning a moan from me. He throws me onto the bed, my legs are spread open. Carter looks like a lion and I'm his prey. his eyes roam all over my body. Carter slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt, teasing me.

My impatient ass couldn't wait any longer, I sat up on my knees, moving over towards him. My hands trail up to his body then to his shirt. I grab onto each side of his shirt, my innocent eyes shined across his, a sweet smile crawls up to my lips. I yank down his shirt and slam my lips on to his, his hands pull me even closer to him. His hand hooks onto my left leg, pulling my leg higher with each kiss he gives me.

Our bodies slam against the bed, Carter balances his body against mine trying to not hurt me with his weight. He trails his hot kisses down my neck, leaving love bites. His lips latched onto my right nipple causing me to moan, he twirls his tongue around my nipple then bites it softly. His kisses get lower and lower once he gets to my jeans my heart stops.

"Carter-." I tried talking.

Carter harshly unbuttons my jeans and pushes them down, taking them off and throwing them. He leans closer to my pussy, thank god I had on my pink lacy underwear. I felt his hot breath, he glances up towards me. He grabs onto my thigh and kisses them slowly, first my left then my right. I'm currently dying, my hands are holding on to the sheets for dear life, my head is bent back a little. His hands trail up to my hips, he rubs his fingers along the fabric of my underwear making me crumble underneath him.

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