Make It Stop (by Rise Against) - Harry's PoV

     I stared out of Louis' window, silent tears streaming down my face as I watched the rain drops fall from the sky as if it were grieving along with me.  Leaning my forehead against the cool glass, I realized that I still had more horrific news to tell Louis.  Because Louis had been sexually assaulted, everyone had immediately identified him as being gay - also meaning that the pictures that had been leaked of us two yesterday weren't exactly helping the situation.  I chewed on my bottom lip nervously, listening to the rainstorm that erupted around outside.  Management had called me a numerous amount of times, but I'd ignored them every time.  I wasn't ready for telling them what had happened, because it wasn't anyones business.  Plus, I assumed that they would have wanted to talk to Louis who was currently asleep, although I doubted he was having sweet dreams considering the fact I could hear the ruffling of sheets behind me as he stirred every two minutes.

Letting out a deep sigh, I dropped my hands from the windowsill and took a step back.  I glanced behind me at Louis, swallowing back the growing lump in my throat as I spotted the bandage wrapped tightly around his wrist.  Closing my eyes, I walked over to the laptop and pulled up Twitter.  I signed into my account, ignoring the multiple DM's that I was getting as I scrolled through the '#LouisWasRaped' and '#LouisGay' trends.  They were the top two trends, which almost made me throw up my dinner.  Everyone knew about this.  It was all over the internet, which made both my stomach and heart clench.  I can't believe this was happening.  How could someone release that file to the world?  Weren't they even thinking about how Louis would be feeling?  More tears collected in my eyes, trailing down my face as I saw some of the cruel things people were saying about Louis, as well as me.

1Dismylife4ever55: Ew!!  Louis' contaminated, gay boy #LouisGay #LouisWasRaped

Carrotsaremypassion1234: Wtf?!?!!?!? Louis was RAPED??  EWWW!!!  Harry & Louis are going out now too?  EW WTF IS WRONG WITH THOSE 2 !!!  I h8 1D now #LouisGay #LouisWasRaped

LiveWhileWereYoungforeveryoung: Hah!  Serves Louis right!!!!  I h8ed him anyway !!1 #LouisWasRaped #LouisGay

     I choked on my tears, slamming the laptop shut and rubbing my eyes.  How could people be so mean?  Louis and I had feelings too.  We were human.  With a small sob, I pushed the laptop off of my lap, letting it fall to the floor with a thump and not really caring if it broke or not.  Clambering back up into Lou's bed, I wriggled under the sheets and wrapped my arms around his trembling body.  Placing small kisses on his forehead, I closed my eyes and simply relished the feeling of having our bodies so close together.  I knew that in the morning, everything would need to be sorted out, but right now I just wanted to lay here with Louis forever.  Everything would be so much easier if we weren't famous, and right now I wished that I had never even auditioned for the X-Factor.  It would have been so much easier.  But, I had, and now I needed to face some of the consequences of it.

My mind wandered off into a far away place, thinking of how I could possibly help this broken boy in my arms.  How the hell was I supposed to help Louis now?  It's not like I could exactly tell everyone that it was all fake and Louis was never raped.  They had copies of the file, from what I'd read over the internet, and it would be impossible to go against the signed sheets of paper or the test results.  I sighed deeply, creasing my eyebrows into a scowl.  Whoever released those files is going to Hell, even if I have to force him there.  He had no damn right to do that to Louis or the band.

I listened as my phone vibrated on the night stand beside the bed, chewing on my bottom lip for a moment before finally giving into the temptations and flipping over onto my back.  Snatching the phone up, I croaked into the speaker, "Yeah?"

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