Chapter 1: Things Are Warming Up

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Changbin groaned, alarm clock beeping loud and fast. He stumbled his way out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. Giving a quick kiss to Felix's head and a mumbled goodbye to his sleeping boyfriend, he started getting ready for the day.

Going through his daily routine, he quickly showered and threw on some clothes. Pouring himself a little cereal, he almost fell asleep at the table. Now, you might be wondering why Changbin's up so early that he can't stay awake. Well, today Chan called a 3racha meeting. Telling them to meet up, so they can make a new song. Can't keep their fans waiting.

As soon as he arrived, he greeted Jisung, who had fallen asleep already, and Chan, who probably hadn't slept last night. Shuffling over to his workspace, he pulled his computer out, checked the time, and turned his phone off.

A couple hours later, feeling as if he'd been working for years, he stretched yawning a little. He yawned the point oof squeaking and was immediately flustered.

"Aw, is our Binnie tired?" Chan cooed from one end of the room.

"Chan~" Changbin whined in response.

After a little more work, Changbin noticed it was getting a little hot. Maybe it was just because he was wearing a sweatshirt, he reasoned.

Eventually, he had enough. His skin felt as if it were on fire. He decided to take off his sweatshirt, grumbling at the shiver that was sent up his spine.

"Hmm? Something wrong?" Chan asked, noticing Changbin throwing off his sweatshirt.

"Mind turning on the A.C.?" Changbin sighed, giving in.

"Sure, too hot?" Chan had raised an eyebrow, both him and Jisung were comfortably in their own sweatshirts.

"If by hot you mean, 'it's so hot I'd rather be doing the ice bucket challenge', then yeah. I feel hot." Changbin snarked.

"Wow, that bad?" Changbin scoffed at Chan. Chan pondered this for a moment, "Maybe you're a little tense from writing and not moving might be causing you to be too hot?"

"Now would be a good time for a break," Changbin responded.

"Yeah, who's up for getting," Chan looked at the time, "lunch!"

A loud 'me' came from Jisung, who was still face planted into his desk. Chan snorted, "Guess he only responds when food is involved. How 'bout you, Binnie?"

"Uh-" Changbin wiggled in his seat, feeling the attention shift to him. "Sure," he finally breathed.


I mentioned this in the description, but Changbin and Felix are already a couple.

Hope you enjoyed!

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