You want me to wear What!

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I quickly got dressed in my old T-Shirt and blue jeans so I could get to school, I also threw on my favorite black zip up hoodie. I grabbed my Ipod, backpack, and quickly put my hair back into a pony tail. My best friend Jared picked me up and drove me to school. Jared has been my best friend ever since my mother died when I was twelve. He loved to talk about different cars all the time, but he also had the best parties. Which were all our friends, and yes they are mostly all guys. All the cheerleaders and Poms girls always wanted to be invited, but it was always just us.

I loved to hang out with them, they were the best friends ever, and they didn't even ever ask me questions they know they shouldn't. They knew my older brother Greg would beat them up if he ever found out. Besides the fact that he would most likely because he is the quarter back of the football team, and is a super wrestler they are just to scared. I have five other brothers, but out of all my brothers I took moms death the hardest. I went from pink to all black tomboy. I was really popular in seventh grade, and when my mother was murdered it ruined me. I couldn't handle it, I still cant very much. That's why I listen to metal music, my favorite band right now is the Black Veiled Brides.

" So Sup Sam?" Jared asked me with a nod, and turned down the latest Disturbed CD. I loved Disturbed too, especially Down With the Sickness. I wish he hadn't turned it down, but I could live with it at medium volume. Just low enough for us to hear each other.

" Not much, how's football going?" I asked him normally as Down With the Sickness came on, but it was live! How wonderful it was. We drove passed a McDonalds and I knew we were going to get to school in about five minutes.

" Great, I made Varsity," He paused, " Your brothers are so amazing at football."

I grinned, " I wanted to try out last year, but I was denied just because I was a girl. Like my brothers haven't trained me on how to be the best football player ever," My older Twin brothers were juniors, my oldest brother Greg was a senior, and last my other older brother was in college we didn't talk at all really. I hadn't seen him since mom's funeral.

Jared laughed, and said " They were this close to letting you try out just because of your brothers," He had held up his fingers a mili meter apart.

" Maybe I should have tried out this year, I have been training with them anyways. Weight room and everything," I grinned, and we drove up to the school. I actually like to lift weights in the weight room with my brothers. I loved having gym first hour, it was even better because I had it with Jared, Jake, and Wes( Wesley). Greg also had it first hour, but he had a different teacher. When we had to do pyramid runs we would run together, and he would push me so hard. He knew my limits were high, and he could push me for a while before it would be to much.

" See you in Gym Sam," Jared told me as we walked into the school, and I went up to my locker. I grabbed my Math book with a sigh. Why did math books have to be so big? Not that it was to big it just annoyed me that I had to carry it around. I shut my locker door, which had tons of pictures of me and the guys hanging out taped onto it, then walked downstairs to the gym.

I quickly got changed, and met my brother and the guys in the gym.

" Hey Sam we're doing the mile today, want to make a bet?" Greg asked me.

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