Transformers meets Voltron

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Yeah, I know that this isn't how Sendak was defeated. But this is a crossover story, so deal with it!

Also, prepare for the cringiest oneshot ever. But this was the only thing that I could come up with. And I know that the title is literally the worst.


It was just an average hot summer day in Jasper, Nevada. The sun was shining and the rattlesnakes were rattling. Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead had just gotten to the new Autobot base with their charges, Jack, Miko and Raf. As soon as the kids got to the human area Bumblebee, Arcee and Bulkhead all transformed. Lately there had been no Decepticon activity and all of the Autobots were on edge.

"Anything yet?" Arcee asked Ratchet as she walked over to him.

"Nothing yet." Ratchet said as typed something on one of his datapads.

Arcee then walked back to the human area and saw Jack and Miko looking at each other. She knew that Jack and Miko secretly liked each other, but so far neither of them had actually confessed, yet anyway.

~ Meanwhile somewhere on Earth's moon ~

Soundwave had recently picked up a strange energy reading on one of the monitors in the bridge so Megatron ordered him to fly the Nemesis to check it out. When they got to the moon Megatron's optics widened when he saw a strange looking ship on the moon's surface. He immediately sent a few Eradicons to go check it out after he had Soundwave activate the cloaking device so that the Nemesis wouldn't be detected. As soon as the Eradicons got to the moon's surface they saw some strange purple organics that resembled cats.

"Dude, what are those?" One of the Eradicons asked.

"I don't know. But maybe we should catch one." Another Eradicon said.

"Like that one?" The third Eradicon said as a large, furry creature approached them.

"Awww, hey there little guy, what's your name?" The first Eradicon asked.

"I am Sendak, leader of the Fire of Purification. I am here for the lions of Voltron. Give them to me, and I will spare Earth." Sendak said angrily.

"What's Voltron?" The second Eradicon asked Sendak.

"Do not try to lie, I know that you have the lions." Sendak said, hoping to intimidate the Eradicons.

"Sorry dude, but we're just Eradicons. And we're not even from Earth." The third Eradicon said as he rubbed the back of his helm with his servo.

"So, can we keep him?" 5t3v3 said as he popped out of nowhere.

"5t3v3? What are you doing here?!" The second Eradicon asked.

"Well, I saw these cat like organics and I thought that we could maybe keep one as a pet." 5t3v3 said innocently.

"I suppose we could." The first Eradicon said as he grabbed Sendak.

"Let go of me you quiznacking robot!" Sendak yelled at the Eradicon.

On the way back to the Nemesis Sendak yelled, clawed and bit the Eradicon that was holding him, but no matter what he did he couldn't get free. Once the Eradicons and 5t3v3 got to the Nemesis they went straight to the bridge where Megatron was.

"I see that you've captured one of the organics." Megatron said as he turned around.

"Yeah, can we keep it as a pet?" The first Eradicon asked Megatron.

"I will kill you! I am no one's pet! I must have the lions of Voltron and kill the Paladins!" Sendak yelled.

"He seems a bit wild. Take him to Knockout to get fixed." Megatron told the Eradicons and 5t3v3.

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