| Chapter 1: The First Encounter |

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February 2nd, 1875

~April's Pov~

As I flicked another page of my book, I glanced up at the sky, admiring the beauty of the different shades of blue. "Chapter 47, Thief Of The Night." I said to myself as the sound of horse's hooves caught my attention. Sitting up in curiosity, I noticed a rather strange looking man, perched upon a black young stallion. I watched the two canter through the field of daisies up in my tree. He was rather peculiar with his black fitted blazer that displayed many flowers, which were also black. Others may refer to him as a freak but I, I found him rather interesting.

My camouflage of the tree branches didn't last me too long as his horse came to a sudden halt, he peered up at me with a grin as he dismounted his horse. "M'lady, are you stuck up there by any chance?" 

I was lost for words as I nodded my head slowly and answered his question. "No, I just find it peaceful sitting up here, however, I do find it a little hard to get down.. without my horse." I began to try to get down as the man reached out both arms with trust. "Here, allow me." He gave off a boyish smile as I suddenly felt myself wrapped in his arms. 

The book I had been reading before this strange encounter had mentioned something like this, when young Robin had held his Rosa in his arms when they first encountered and now of all people, the exact same was happening to me. 

A few seconds passed when the pure silence had been broken, the man stepped back a little and bowed before me. "Forgive me, I should have introduced myself beforehand. I am Jonathan Castaway, but most just refer to me as Johnnie." He placed a kiss on my hand in a respectful way as I then smiled. "Jonathan Castaway..I haven't ever seen you before.. have I?" Something about Johnnie made me sad, I couldn't quite figure out what it was, he looked so familiar to me. It was like we had met in the past. "Hm, I am April Riverton." 

~Johnnie's Pov~

April Riverton.. I recognized that immediately if the beautiful heart warming eyes weren't enough. My childhood sweetheart.. after so long we had finally been re-united once again. However, this was forbidden. Why you may ask? Her father. That is why. April's father is a very highly respected man, who owns the best castle in all of the land here in Annesbury. He surrounds himself with only wealthy folk and the finest. 'Freaks' like me are simply out of the question, especially for someone like April. 

You also might start to wonder, how we met all those years ago. Well I shall tell you..

Growing up was tough back then, I had to get a job to support my family as soon as I turned 11, a servant was the best job that I could get at the time. So, I was to work at April's castle, cleaning and serving her poor excuse for a father for a little while. However, I don't regret this at all, otherwise I would have never met my April. 

After one time of being caught talking, I was vanished to the woods, not too far from April. However, you would have thought that I would have seen her somehow, however that was not possible. At the time, I heard words that she had moved for a long time to put up with her father's constant business and wealth meetings. She must have returned a while ago, I had never been made aware of her return

However, if I would have not met her again today in 6 years, I would have never known of her existence.. which shocks me a great deal. And as much as I am happy to see her, I am dreading the encounter of her father..

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