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Adam's: POV

I was at my office and tried to find clues that could reveal who the killer is. But it was hopeless. I'm close to giving up.

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" I said. My good friend John walked into the room. "Good to see you!" I said. "Take a look at this!" he replied.

He gave me a photo of a young boy. His throat was slit and the body was badly damaged.

"Fourteen years old Jack Everdeen was raped and murdered late last night!" said John. "This is starting to get really scary!" I replied. "I agree!" said John.

"How's Lena and William?" I asked. "She does not allow him to go out after dark. Poor thing, she's worried and scared!" said John. "We will put an end to this, you have my word!" I replied. "Thank you Adam, I know I can trust you!" he said.


I passed a brothel on my way home. A young boy came up to me. He gave me a soft smile. I heard some boys whistling.

"Don't care about them!" he said. "It doesn't bother me!" I replied. "I'm Javi!" he said. "Nice to meet you, I'm Adam!" I replied.


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"The famous detective!" he said. "Yes!" I replied. "A mad serial killer is on the loose. "He kidnaps and kills young prostitutes boys!" said Javi. He gave me a sketch of the killer. "You've been very helpful!" I replied.

"Hey Javi, we've work to do!" called his friend. "Sorry Adam, I gotta go!" he said. "There is so much else you can do than selling your body!" I replied. "This is my life, I'm dead if I returns home!" said Javi. "Please, stay safe!" I replied. "I promise!" he said.

Adam cares about Javi and it's so sweet.

I hope you liked the chapter.


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