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273 A

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273 A.C.

"I do enjoy days like this. Don't you?" Livia Lannister asked her siblings, Jaime and Cersei as they reached the edge of Casterly Rock.

Jaime looked at her with a smirk on his face. "You mean when we don't have to stay inside all day and read boring books? Then yes, I do enjoy days like this."

Livia rolled her eyes at him as she sat down on the ground, both her siblings following in suit. Although with much less grace than the young lady.

The three children were told not to bother their mother while she gave birth to their sibling. With Livia in charge, she provided distractions for her two younger siblings as much as she could.

Even at her young age, Livia was mature. Her uncles and aunt agreed, so did her father and mother. It was as if she was born for the sole reason to lead as she was always the example that the twins followed.

Her mother, Joanna thinks that she got it from her father. After all, Lord Tywin had been a leader from the beginning. Despite his title being the Hand of the King, he was recognized by many as more powerful than the king himself.

"I hope mother gives birth to a girl. It would be fun to have another sister." Cersei speaks with wonder in her eyes, imagining a little girl she could play with.

Normally, Jaime would agree on everything Cersei says but not in that moment as he said. "I hope we get a brother. It would be fun to have someone to spar with."

Cersei only stuck her tongue out at her twin as she turned to her older sister. "What do you think, Livvy?" The nickname rolling off her tongue like water.

Both siblings turned to her as Livia thought of a reply. It wasn't hard to guess that the twins adored their older sister. She was their father's pride and getting their father's approval was almost impossible.

Cersei wanted to be just like her, in grace and in beauty. It was already known throughout Lannisport and Casterly Rock that Livia Lannister was a beauty. It was all people could talk about Tywin Lannister's first born.

Tywin Lannister's Joy, they said. They all presumed that she would carry the house's name with pride and her father would not deny this for he thinks so as well.

Jaime, on the other hand, cherished both his sisters and vowed to be their knight once he grows up.

"I think I would want a-" Livia started but before she could finish, she heard footsteps approaching.

She stood up and turned to see her Aunt Genna with a somber expression.

"Aunt Genna, what's the matter? Has Mother given birth already?" Livia asked however as soon as she had, she immediately wanted to take back what she said when she saw her aunt start to tear up.

"Your mother-she, she's dead."

Everything was quiet at first. Only the sounds of the waves crashing below were heard and for the first time in her life, Livia was not comforted by it.

Cersei was the first to make a sound as she let out a strangled gasp. "No! She can't be!"

Jaime only turned aside, attempting to hide the tears that were threatening to escape his eyes.

However Livia remained quiet with her emotions, always keeping whatever she felt at bay as she always had. "And the baby?"

"Your brother is alive though his head is a bit bigger than normal and his bod-" Aunt Genna said but Cersei interrupted her with a loud exclamation.

"A monster! My mother died birthing a monster! He should be dead!" Cersei wailed, her voice full of hatred and pain. 

"Cersei! He is our brother!" Jaime defended but it did nothing to stop his twin's rage.

"He is a murderer and a monster!" Cersei said before bursting into tears.

Livia pulled her sister into her arms and reached out for Jaime. They would not break, they were Lannisters.

But as she met her aunt's eyes, her tears finally starting to fall, she knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

With her mother's death came the death of her youth.

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