1) Uprooted

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Magnus' father, Asmodeous, found his son asleep at 3pm on a Saturday morning. He rolled his eyes at his son, the kid had been out late again last night and was probably hungover. Like he always was. But it was going to change.

Asmodeous walked over to the curtains and opened them all, flooding the room with blinding light. On top of that,he turned on all the lights. Magnus screamed and fell off of his bed at the blinding light that burned his eyes.

"What the hell" Magnus screamed, he was terribly tired and his asshole of a father just woke him up in the cruelest way possible

"Get up, its 3pm" Asmodeous said.

"Why don't you go back to filming shit all the time, completely forgetting about me? We got along so much better. You go back to not caring about me and I'll keep not caring about me" Magnus said, the annoyance evident in his voice.

"Get up and start packing. We're moving" Asmodeous said.

"You're moving. I'm staying here" Magnus replied.

"No. You are coming with me, to the States. I obviously can't trust you with here while I'm here too, so I am definitely not leaving you on another continent. Get ready. We're leaving today" Asmodeous said.

"You're idea of a good one, is to tell me that I'm leaving the same day that I'm leaving?" Magnus asked.

"Yes. It doesn't give you anytime to run away. Now hurry, filming starts tomorrow" Asmodeous said.

"You can't just uproot my entire life!" Magnus exclaimed.

"Yes I can because I pay for your entire life. Now go get ready to leave. I have to work" Asmodeous said and began to leave the room.

"You know that's why mom left us. I'm a demon and you're a workaholic" Magnus screamed at the father's retreating back.

One of the housekeepers came take to Magnus some boxes to pack up his room. Magnus started backing his clothes, which took up nine huge boxes. Then jackets in another three huge boxes. His shoe collection took up seven boxes. And all of his handbags, satchels and purses were stuffed into six others.

Magnus then left his room to the living room where his father was working on his laptop and instructing the housekeepers on what to put and what to leave. He rolled his eyes at the supposed so much work he father said he had to do.

"I need more boxes" Magnus said flatly.

"They gave you twenty-five huge boxes" Asmodeous replied.

"And that only packet up my closet. I have a lot of shit. I buy I lot of shit" Magnus said.

"You -" Asmodeous was cut off by Magnus speaking.

"If I don't get more boxes, I can't finish packing meaning I can't leave. So I guess I'll go unpack my closet" Magnus said and turned his back.

"Please give him some more boxes. A lot of them" Asmodeous told the maids. They nodded and carried several boxes to Magnus' room. 

"Thanks" Magnus said and left the room.

He continued packing up his room, staring at all of the different items he had that triggered memories of the amazing times he had in Tokyo. The license plate off of his totaled custom Jaguar and the decorative dog tags that he had taken from a one night stand. The oversized hoodie he had taken from his only boyfriend in Tokyo, a relationship that was gone far too soon for Magnus. A flag from one of his drag races, a purple lipstick kiss on the front by the night's flagwoman. Ticket stubs and photo booth pictures from amusement parks, numbers on scraps of paper that he never intended on calling, and a group picture of his best friends. 

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