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"I can't wait to come home. Just 1 more day" shouted out on the phone to my best friend." College really drained me out I just wanna relax when I get home" I said.

"Girl wait until you come home we turning up. We going to be with all the hood niggas" Destiny said as she was putting her earrings on.

"Now destiny you know I'm a homebody, I'm not with all that." My best friend is a wild girl she always been like that. I honestly don't know how me and her became friends because we are totally two different people. She became more ratchet when she became friends with Ashanti when I left for college.

"You always wanna be in the house bitch it's summer time it's time to have fun. If I gotta drag you out the house this summer I will" destiny said with demand.

"Yeah we will see, well I'm gonna call you later when I get back to my dorm bestie I love you"

Destiny replied "I love you too!"

I hung up the phone.

I'm walking to my dorm and I hear my name being called I turned around and seen my friend Jay running to me.

"You walk fast as shit where you going?" Jay said as he stopped me from walking.

"My dorm you know I don't play around. I haven't even started packing and we leaving tomorrow" I said as I pushed him away so I can continue walking.

"Damn you always pushing me, but you trying to go to this party with me tonight?"

"Jay I just told you I had to pack I'm not going anywhere" I said as I'm walking

Jay looked at me like I was crazy "okay okay, you need help I can help you before I go. I'm trying to get fucked up one last time before I leave" he laughed

I bust out laughing. "I bet, when are you not turning up. Yeah I can use a hand or two, we can get something to eat first then go to my room"

So we went to get some food and walked back to my dorm after a few hours we was all day packing.

Jay looked at me "I will never help you pack again. Why do you have so many clothes."

I started laughing "your always complaining, it wasn't that many" I said as I put the last little bit of clothes in my bag.

Jay sat down in the rolling chair and looked at every move Aaliyah was making he couldn't help it. She was looking too good.

"So you sure you don't wanna go to this party" he said as he grab his phone.

"I mean I done with my room so I can go now."

Jay smirked, "Okay bet. It starts at 9 I think we should head down there"

"I gotta change my outfit, I'm not going anywhere with sweat pants on, what you think this is" I said as I opened up my bag to find an outfit.

Jay face turned at me. "Omg now that's gonna take forever, You about to throw on something extra when you don't need to. I think you look good the way you are"

"Just wait here I'll be right back"

20 minutes later I come back in the room and Jay laying across my bed.

"Yo Jay get up, I'm ready"

As he got up he looked at me like I a celebrity or some shit. That nigga was stuck for like 2 minutes.

"You good Jay?" As I laughed.

"Yeah I'm cool, you look good as shit for real." He said as he started rubbing his bread"

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