Chapter 1: With a single wave.

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(Y/N) POV.


The sky was a brilliant gray above. The clouds swiftly rested in front of the sun. The wind blew a strong gust,carrying the smooth locks of (h/c) along with it. (Y/n) was waiting patiently for the ship to arrive with her beloved cousin Elisabeth. (Y/n) had a strong desire to live in London. The place seemed to fascinate her no no extent.

(Y/n) sighed,content with the long awaited arrival of the ship. As soon as it docked,people swarmed out. In the sea of people,(Y/n) could make out a being covered in pink. The suffocating hug that came to her,made (Y/n) certain that it was,indeed,her darling little cousin Elisabeth. (Y/n) hugged the blond bundle of joy back. When they pulled apart from their embrace,they gave one another a heart-warming smile.

"Come on (Y/n),we wouldn't want to miss the ship!"

"Yes,I do suppose that would be tragic."

Lizzy giggled at (Y/n)'s obvious comment. Lizzy then grabbed (Y/n)'s petite hand and dragged her to the large vessel's port. As they went to board,(Y/n) took in the beauty of the ship. It was a marvelous tan/brown color. Clearly made of wood. The sails that were atop were as white as her angelic dress. Through the windows,(Y/n) could see a warm light glowing. The sight was very inviting.

The two girls started to pick up their pace,as a light drizzle suddenly cascaded downwards. When they got onto the ship,(Y/n) absorbed the calming atmosphere. The walls were the same brownish tan color. There were black lanterns in various places. The place just gave (Y/n) a sense of bliss. Lizzy turned to face the girl with a smile evident on her face.

"This is the key to your room."

(Y/n) took the tiny golden object into her hands.

"I made sure you had a room right across from mine!"

(Y/n) now had a look of slight confusion onto her features.

"I though that the passengers roomed together?"

"Of course they do!"

"Okay,so who will I be rooming with?"

"Oh,well I'm not sure."


(Y/n) kind of felt a little uneasy with the idea of rooming with a stranger,but she knew she would just have to suck it up and proceed.

She was going to thank Lizzy once more for allowing her to come stay with her,but the blond was already off to her room. (Y/n) decided to follow behind the vision of joy to her room too.

(Y/n) turned through many corridors,but alas, she finally made it to a cherry red wooden door with the number 18 written in silver letters across the top of it. (Y/n) turned the silver knob to see the door was unlocked. (Y/n) walked into the room and placed her bags next to the vacant bed. She looked up to see a woman,and her things,upon the other bed. The woman looked as if she was around thirty years of age. She had obsidian hair. Her features were tan,which gave (Y/n) the impression that she was a Latina. What also gave her that impression,was how curly her jet black locks were. Her eyes were marvelous pools of emerald green. This woman was very beautiful. The woman gave (Y/n) a warm smile as she put down the book that she was previously reading. The woman got up and slowly approached (Y/n).

She stuck her hand out,awaiting for (Y/n) to shake it. (Y/n) took her hand and shook it. Letting go,they decided they both needed to give one-another a proper introduction.

"Well hello there,I'm Vivian McClain."

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ms.Vivian,my name is (Y/n) (L/n)."

*An Hour later*

You were sitting criss cross from Lizzy. The both of you were in her room,on her bed to be exact, catching up on everything the both of you missed in the past few years.

"Oh (Y/n), Ciel has grown so much since you have seen him!"

"Really? Ciel has gotten taller?"


Lizzy and (Y/n) burst into laughter at the statement about their beloved cousin.

"You know what (Y/n)?"

"What is it Lizzy?"

"I think we should surprise Ciel and go visit him!"

A smile danced upon (Y/n)'s lips as she shook her head.

"That sounds great!"

Then suddenly,you felt the boat violently shake. You could only imagine the ruff wave that the boat must of come into contact with. On the same note,the powerful wave caused you and Lizzy having to grasp the bed for dear life,while watching some things fall and roll onto the floor. As the shaking subsided,(Y/n) let out an exasperated sigh.

"Well it would have been nice to know that this was going to be a bumpy ride."

Lizzy nodded agreeing. (Y/n) was just relieved that she didn't start crying. She knew how sensitive Lizzy could sometimes get.

About twenty minutes later,the thought of sleep plagued (Y/n)'s mind. She bid farewell to Lizzy for the night,and headed off to her room she shared with Miss Vivian. (Y/n) took out the golden key,and unlocked the well crafted door. She opened the door,and face planted onto her bed. She heard footsteps wandering about.

"Hey Miss Vivian. Did you feel that giant wave that the boat came into contact with?"

(Y/n) waited a minute for a reply,but heard nothing.

"Miss Vivian?"

(Y/n) now was starting to get up.

"Miss Vi-"

(Y/n) suddenly froze in place. Every thought that was in her mind before vanished. She saw Miss Vivian on her bed with a large gash across her forehead. The gash had a crimson substance oozing everywhere. Her once vibrant emerald orbs stared back at her. (Y/n) was so shocked that she almost didn't register the fact that the person, responsible for the foot steps she heard prior to seeing the heart wrenching sight,was making his way out of the room. He caught glimpse of her staring at him,and looked at her with an emotionless expression. He pushed up his glasses with his index finger.


(Y/n) pointed her shaky finger towards the man while salty tears pored down her skin.

''Indeed Miss McClain did feel the massive wave the boat came into contact with."

With that,the unknown man left.

(Y/n) ran to Lizzy's room as fast as her feet would allow her to. She slammed the door open,and shook Lizzy until she woke up.

"What's wrong (Y/n)?"

"M-m-my r-roommate."

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