Profile: Ky Virtus

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Name: Ky Virtus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 5 ½ inches

Race: Human

Handedness: Right

Skin Complexion: Tanned 

Hair Color: Royal Blue

Eye Color: Sliver (Left Eye)/Golden (Right Eye)

Aura: Blue

Theme: Crashed by Daughtry

Voice Actor:

- Jesse McCartney (English)

- Kōki Uchiyama (Japanese)


- Emblem Necklace

- Scabbards

- Pouch

- Heart Symbol

- Ammunition Clips,


- Reading Books

- Drawing

- Listening/Playing Music

- Singing

- Cooking

- His Pendant

- Weapons

- Having fun with his friends


- Bullies

- Failure

- Discrimination


- Black

- Blue

- White

- Orange


- The Dual Wielder

- Key Boy (By Mercury) 

- Blue Flare

- Boy-Blue (By Roman)

Appearance: Ky is a lean, muscular teenager with scarlet eyes and spiky royal blue hair that reaches to his neck and a few bangs covering his forehead. He wears a white colored shirt with blue linings a black patch in the center. Over this, he wear a blue jacket, unzipped with white linings, with a black line design on each sleeve. The jacket's collar is also blue and folded back. He wears a black dragon pendant around his neck.

Ky also wears two-colored pants, that are similar to chaps. They are colored black on the outside, and blue on the inside with an emblem, resembling blue wisps, on the ends of his pants and jacket sleeves. He has orange straps around his pants, held together with a orange belt. The pants feature white pouches with blue lining held by a orange strap cross over them. 

He wears white gloves on his hands with blue outlining. Finally, he wears high-top shoes that are colored in blue and black, as the lower portions are black.

Personality: Ky is a  bold, courageous, loyal, kind-hearted, positive, selfless and heroic boy who is extremely loyal to his friends, valuing his friendship with them above all else. He is an optimist and has a strong sense of justice, enabling him to take charge of his group when no one else can. He is willing to stick up for anyone who is dear to him and will also put his life on the line for others who are in danger. However, he is rather oblivious at times, and is often quick to anger whenever he's confused, and is quite childish at times. He is also quite impulsive, as he tends to jump into things without thinking them through beforehand.

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