⚽️ Granit Xhaka ⚽️

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Granit Perfect Eyebrows Xhaka

- His eyebrows are actually perfect

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- His eyebrows are actually perfect

- You don't really know Xhaka if you never tried the Xhaka Boom

- In all the ways, we are not nuns

- Another sassy queen

- Loves to take care of his physical aspect

- Also love to do shopping

- Believe he is a fashion model

- But also a fashion blogger

- Start cursing in Albanian

- He's Swiss, he's always in time if you know what I mean (Xhaka Boom)

- Love to match outfits with you and being the coolest couple in the room

- People think he's too vain

- Loves take care of his hair

- Great sense of humour

- Also very romantic

- Ready for the Xhaka wedding??

Ahahahahahah I love the Xhaka Boom.☄️
- Света🍻/Sveta🍻

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