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Anika receive a call it was non other than shivay.

Adv_anika i want to say

Ani_one second.
Anika attended a call

Professor enter the class
Shivay I'm in class i call you later bye.
Anika cut the call

Professor started to start class.

Anika phone ring continuously. She continuously looking at the phone.


Ani_yes mam

Pro_anika where is your record note.

Anika search it in bag but it was missing.

Ani_mam i think i forget in it in home.

Pro_then please get out.


Pro_😤 and don't forget to write this theory for 100 times.


Pro_150 times.

Anika stomp her feet and left the place.

Shivay was continuously calling her

What you want why are you calling me i say na i has class because of i have to write imposition . You idiot nonsense . Don't call me 

Anika cut the phone in anger.

On other hand.

Shiv_😭😭😭 why wifey shout on me. She left her note that's why i call her . I say khanna uncle to give it to her.

In collage.

Anika was sit with grumpy face.

Kha_anika mam here your record note shivay sir say me to give to you..

Ani_ok thanks


Anika feel sad for at shivay. She calls shivay but he was not attend the call.
Anika cut collage and buy chocolate and toys for shivay. Un fortunately she stuck in hospital .

After 2 hours she reach oberoi mansion.

Anika enter into room saw shivay was drawing silently.



Ani_sorry shivay see i buy your favourite chocolates , aeroplane and racing car. See na

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