Prologue: The Letter

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Hey! It's me xoxomorgyxoxo I was wondering if you could comment on whether you liked it or not? Just so I no. Also name suggestions for names would be very helpful for the first person's POV. Thanks! Ill love you forever if you read this! :D


~~~ First POV~~~

"Get back here!!! Guards get her!" The idiotic man yelled. I didn't care. I knew no one would be able to get me now. After a letter had been slipped under my cell door I knew I would have to get out of this place. I HAD hope. I WASN'T a freak, the letter had said. did I beleive it? No. But it gave me an excuse to hope. A few men tried to grab me down but one swift punch to the stomache ended their feeble struggle. All of a sudden twenty or more guards fell on me trying to inject their tranquilizing chemicals. Ugh how sickening these people made me feel!

"JUST GET OFF ME!" I hollered in anger and disgust.

Just then something horrible happened. A ripple ran through my body. I tried to control myslef. And in my mind I could see the familiar huge door with chains wrapped around it. I struggled in vain attempting to keep the chains in place; however, the chains lurched, then floated off of the enormous door against my will and vanished leaving the door unlocked. My body gave a threatening jolt. But I wasn't scared anymore. I had no reason to protect these people. No reason to keep them safe. No reason to not harm them. I had every reason to harm them. And with that, the doors slammed open and a menacing half howl, half roar ripped threw my chest. My fearful frown fell off my face as a menacing, revolting, smile slipped into it's place. The screams of twenty or more men shattered throughout the facility.

~~~Kaitlyn's POV~~~

"Oh Hon I am so proud of you!" my mom squealed. I had just received my letter of acceptance into Wautler's School for Specialy Talented Students. My parents had been delighted to find out that I was able to go to the same school they had attended. My mom had the power of water while my dad was able to control air. They were worried about me since I had shown no sign of a "special talent". However, when the letter arrived in the mail we all danced like joyful idiots the rest of the day.

"I hope Jakie-poo will get accepted some day!" my mom continued. "Jakie-poo" was my 3 month old brother Jake.

"Fine by me as long as Kaitlyn will be able to show him some air techniques." my father responded hopefully.

"Oh no she won't! How would she do that when her talent is water? She will be busy teaching Jakie kins water tactics!" my mom countered.

"OH! But of course we will be happy with whatever talent you have Kaitlyn dear!" my mom exclaimed suddenly. "Wont we Michael?" she added with an eye brow raised.

"Well of course dear! As long as it's air I don't care what your talent is!" said my dad.

I giggled at my family's stubbornness. They really were the best parents I could wish for.

"Thanks mom, dad." I stated hugging each in turn. "I love you."

~~~ Alice's POV~~~

"Again!" my "instructor" hissed. I stumbled up off the floor as a blast of fire was thrown at me. I narrowly dodged it and landed a kick to his side. It was too late though for he grabbed my ankle and was about to throw me down again. I had planned this and closed my eyes in concentration as a huge blast of electricity shot out of my foot right into his hand and through his entire body.

He landed on the ground in spasms. I watched with a smirk on my face. Then I heard clapping and turned to see father with a smirk on his face as well. We laughed along together as we sent our personal nurses to help the unfortunate man.

We always hired the best profesional element users to "instruct" me in the ways. it was really so I could have an equally practiced opponent's butt to kick.

"Nice job pretending to be weak like that!" my father appraised.

"Thank you father, haha when is the next opponent coming?" I questioned

"Oh Alice, I'm sorry to say there will be no more opponents." He replied quietly.

I stopped walking and turned to him with a huge frown on my face. "Why not?" I thought you yourself had said how excellent I was at fighting!" I said deeply hurt.

"That is exactly why there will not be any more opponents here." Father corrected himself. He then turned and I could see a huge grin on his face. He then pulled a letter out of his pocket and handed it to me.

I gently took it from him, a huge grin slipping onto my face. I only had to read the front of the envolope before cacklng in joy:

" Congradulations you have been accepted into Wautler's School for Specialy Talented Students"


I love you forever! \(^w^)/ <3

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