Riches to Rags (Chapter Two)

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<P align=center>Chapter Two</P>

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<P align=center>Jeremy's POV</P>

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<P>I was used to not having much. It's only my mom and I now. My dad dieof cancer was I was 11, 6 years ago. The two of us were extremely close, but now I was taking care of my mom as much as possible it was what he would have wanted me to do. He loved her so much and wanted the best for her. Since his death, mom worked different low paying jobs, because it was the only ones she could get. We moved 5 hours away from home so she could be the new cook manager at a restaurant called Pauly's Italian Bistro. The job didn't pay much, but it was a job. I would eventually get a job here too and help her out some.</P>

<P>My clothes weren't up to date in fashion. I didn't own any American Eagle or Hollister clothes that everyone wears. I only wore what I could afford, which wasn't much. My shirts were faded, jeans had holes in them, and my backpack was pitiful looking, which was what I got picked on this morning for by those jocks, until she came and stopped them. I was speechless. The way she moved and stopped them. Most guys would be embarrassed, but I was convinced the most beautiful girl I had ever seen just stopped some jerks from bullying someone which just happen to be me. My thoughts were interrupted by my English teacher, Mr. Fowlers, asking me to introduce myself...and that's when I saw her again. Olivia. I started to get nervous at the thought of her being in the same room. </P>

<P>I cleared my throat. " name is Jeremy Causley. I just moved here from Clearwater, California, it's a small town...I'm excited to be here in a new school." I lied on that last part.</P>

<P>Mr. Fowlers smiled at me. "Make him feel welcomed, students! Take a seat right there!", he said, motioning towards the empty seat in front of Olivia. I nodded and met her eyes again. I looked away before I sat in my seat.</P>

<P>I couldn't listen to what the teacher was saying the whole time. I was too focused on this girl who for some reason..intrigued me with everything about ther even though I didn't know her. The bell finally rang after one and a half hours of pure torture. My eyes met hers again, and I tried to speak to her, hoping the word would come out.</P>


<P>She smiled. "Why, hello there, Jeremy." </P>

<P>I tried to act cool like some other guys I saw this morning walking with their girlfriends.</P>

<P>"So where you going next?" I asked her while walking out of the classroom.</P>

<P>"Biology," she replied</P>

<P>"I have gym." I said, trying not to sound too disappointed.</P>

<P>"Ah, there playing basketball in there right now. Do you play?"</P>

<P>I should be honest with her. Lying catches up to you in end.</P>

<P>"No, I'm not athletic at all, honestly." I said, laughing at myself</P>

<P>She too, laughed. "Don't feel bad, neither am I." </P>

<P>I gave her a "cool" nod and smile. "Well I better go now." I said casually. </P>

<P>"Yeah, me too. See you around."</P>

<P>I was surprised and proud of myself that I actually had the guts to talk to her. Hopefully she wouldn't judge me by my outfit...or backpack..ha. Maybe I would enjoy gym.</P>

<P align=center>Olivia's POV</P>

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<P>There was something about Jeremy that I liked. I just hope that he won't judge me for my parents, and that he can be a real friend....</P>

<P>~~So this one was kind of short, I know, but the first two stories are mainly explaining Olivia and Jeremy's backgrounds and how they first meet. Let me know what you think! All criticism is excepted...I hope it's good </P>


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