Riches to Rags (Chapter Four)

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<P align=center>Chapter Four</P>

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<P align=center>Olivia's POV</P>

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<P>I finally arrived home after taking Jeremy to his moms work. He was a cool guy. I felt like I could actually trust him, which is something different to me. He wasn't spoiled like I am, and I like that. I like how he's not rich or stuck up. I sighed as I walked into the massive formal living room to see my dad watching a golf tournament on our plasma screen TV.</P>

<P>"Hey, little girl!" my dad said. "How was school?"</P>

<P>I didn't like how he called me "little girl" still. I was 17 years old now. </P>

<P>"Good dad. Glad you're home." I replied, sitting next to him on the couch while responding to a forward message Julia sent me. Closing my phone, I looked at the TV. "Dad, golf is so boring!"</P>

<P>He chuckled a little. "Once you're old like me, you'll love golf, Olivia."</P>

<P>I rolled my eyes. "Is mom home?"</P>


<P>"No, she won't be home until Friday. She's in New York for an interview with the Today show."</P>

<P>"Hey squirt!" my older brother Levi yelled from the top of the oak stairs. Squirt was just one more name I despised. </P>

<P>"Hey Levi." I responded, unenthusiastically.</P>

<P>"Who was that riding home with you today?" Levi whispered in my ear. I almost choked on the Dr. Pepper I was drinking when he asked me that.</P>

<P>"Wh-what?" I asked</P>

<P>"You heard me." he said with a sly grin. "You have a boyfriend!"</P>

<P>"Sh! Shutup, Levi! He's not my boyfriend, just some guy I met!" I yelled</P>

<P>"Who has a boyfriend?" my dad asked, walking into the kitchen.</P>

<P>"You're only daughter, of course!" Levi responded with a smile. "Gotta go!"</P>

<P>Oh, he was so dead, I thought to myself.</P>

<P>"Olivia Lane Seawood," my dad began. "Who is this guy?" he asked, trying not to smile.</P>

<P>"Honestly, dad, he's not my boyfriend, I swear. Just some new guy I helped out today. He's a potential friend, I guess, that's all." I responded, nearly out of breath.</P>

<P>Dad let out a chuckle again. "A potential friend? Ok, Olivia I believe you, but if this potential friend turns out to be more than a friend, I want to meet him." </P>

<P>I nodded with a smile before running up to my room. I was so embarrassed my dad heard my stupid brother say all that. How did he even see us? Stalker..</P>

<P align=center>Jeremy's POV</P>

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<P>My mom managed to buy us a small two bedroom, one bathroom house. It was small, but had a warm feeling to it already. Mom starting cooking as soon as we arrived home like she always did.</P>

<P>"Cooking spaghetti tonight. It was your dad's favorite."</P>

<P>I smiled. "Yeah, it was." </P>

<P>"So who is this friend of yours?"</P>

<P>"Uh...her name is Olivia Seawood."</P>

<P>"It's a her?" she asked with an "awe" expression. "Just a friend"</P>

<P>"Yes, mother, just a friend," I replied to her joke. </P>


<P>"Would I know her parents?" </P>

<P>"Oh, probably not," I lied, knowing that she loved Olivia's dad. She had seen just about every movie with him in it, and she would freak if she knew that was him. </P>


<P>School came way to quick the next morning for me. I remember where all my classes were, so that was a plus, I guess. The first person I saw...Olivia. She smiled at me, which sent chills through my body as I smiled back.</P>

<P>"Hey," she said.</P>

<P>"Hi," I replied. "My mom asked me last night if she knew who your parents were, and I lied to her."</P>

<P>"Why? Does she know them?" Olivia asked me.</P>

<P>"Not personally, but she's always been in love with your dad, that's why I lied to her because I know how you don't like people judging you by your parents. Olivia gave me the biggest smile I had seen so far.</P>

<P>"Thanks, Jeremy. I'm sure she'll find out eventually, but thanks. You're a good friend."</P>

<P>I was a good friend. That was a little disappointing, but a start.</P>

<P>"So are you," I replied.</P>

<P>Some freshman, I guess, ran past Olivia, knocking her books out of her hands.</P>

<P>"Hey, watch where you're going!" I yelled at him, before bending down and helping her with her books. As I handed her books our faces were only inches from each others. I smiled at her</P>

<P>"You have pretty eyes." </P>

<P>She blushed. "Thanks."</P>

<P>The bell rang, much to my dismay, but I still had the next class with Olivia.</P>

<P>"I'll walk you to class?"</P>

<P>"I'd like that." she replied</P>

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