Riches to Rags (Chapter Three)

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<P align=center>Chapter Three</P>

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<P align=center>Olivia's POV</P>

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<P>The cool air hit my entire body as a surprise as I walked to my car after school. I was leaving Gavin here for football practice, which was good. It meant peace and quiet for my 15 minute drive home. I smirked as I saw all the guys gooing over me as I drove off in my car. Of course, out of all the people to see at this freaking school, I saw Jeremy walking home. You should really offer him a ride, Olivia, I thought to myself. I smiled. Great idea, I thought again before rolling down my window.</P>

<P>"Want a ride!?"</P>

<P>Jeremy nearly jumped as my voice came from nowhere, and then he smiled. "I'd love one!" He opened the door, throwing his backpack in the back.</P>

<P>"Thanks, I appreciate it, Olivia."</P>

<P>"No problem. Where do you live?" I saw Jeremy hesitate for a moment before regaining himself.</P>

<P>"You know where Pauly's Italian Bistro is?" I nodded before he started again. "Well, my mom is the cook manager there. You can just drop me off there."</P>

<P>"Ok." I said.</P>

<P>The car was silent for what seemed like an hour.</P>

<P>"So how was your first day?" I asked. Jeremy grew quiet for a minute before answering.</P>

<P>"It got better after you helped me out with those football players," he said, trying to laugh, but failing miserably. I felt my cheeks go red again.</P>

<P>"Oh, it was no problem. Like I said. Ignore them." </P>

<P>"Who did he say your parents were?" I didn't answer this. "Olivia?", he asked again. At the stoplight, I closed my eyes tightly before sighing.</P>

<P>"My dad is the actor Jack Seawood, and my mom is the singer Karen Seawood." </P>

<P>I could feel Jeremy staring at me so I looked over at him.</P>

<P>"You seem ashamed of that." he said</P>

<P>"Ashamed of what?" I asked.</P>

<P>"About your parents.." </P>

<P>"People only like me for them. Because of how wealthy I am, too. But mainly them. It sucks. I can only trust my best friend, Julia. I especially can't trust guys because.."</P>

<P>"Because what?" he tried to finish for me.</P>

<P>"Because I heard that guy that was picking on this morning..the big one named Conner Ridley?.." </P>

<P>"What about him?" he asked</P>

<P>I sighed again. I don't know why I was about to tell him this.. </P>

<P>"I overheard him last year say he was going to try to date me, have sex with me, then sell it to the tabloids that Jack and Karen Seawood's daughter was an "uncontrollable, wild, crazy, slut." I finished.</P>

<P align=center>Jeremy's POV</P>

<P align=center></P>

<P>I was beyond pissed when she told me about that asshole.</P>

<P>"He didn't though, right?" I asked through clinched teeth.</P>

<P>"No, my older brother took care of it," she said </P>

<P>I felt something with Olivia, but I knew she would never feel the same about me because of my lifestyle..not hers. I had absolutely nothing and she had everything. </P>

<P>"Here we are." Olivia said while parking her Lamborghini.</P>

<P>I unbuckled my seatbelt. "Thank you, again...for everything." </P>

<P>"You're welcome. I'll..uh..see you tomorrow?" she said/asked.</P>

<P>I grinned. "Definitely." </P>

<P>"Great." </P>

<P>I stepped out of the massive car, and waved goodbye to her, making sure she pulled out ok, because this place was terrible about parking. Thank God I didn't ask her to take me to my rinky-dink home that she would probably be disgusted with. I walked into the restaurant and gave my mother a smile.</P>

<P>"Hey mom."</P>

<P>"Jeremy!" she bellowed. "How was the first day?"</P>

<P>"It was...good." I said, before taking a bite of the freshly baked lemon cake. </P>

<P>"Did you make any new friends?"</P>

<P>I stopped and gave a slight smile.</P>

<P>"Yeah. I made one. A really good friend."</P>

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