Riches to Rags

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<P>Hey everyone...this is the first chapter of my new story Riches to's my first one so let me know what you think!! It might be a little boring at first, but it will get interesting! :) lol </P>


<P align=center>Chapter One</P>

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<P>Olivia Seawood has it all...because of her famous parents, Jack and Karen Seawood. Jack is a successful actor, (being most known for his work in over 200 movies throughout the 80's and 90's), while Karen was a successful singer, traveling all over the world. This family has been swimming in money their whole lives, and people admired and looked up to them for this.</P>

<P>Everyone wished they could have it all like the Seawood's did, but Olivia, on the other hand, didn't feel as lucky as the rest of her family. Olivia is a 17 year old senior living in Simi Valley, California, along with her older brother, Levi, and younger brother, Gavin. Levi was 19, while Gavin was 15. It was hard for Olivia to make friends because they only wanted one thing--being caught up with the glory of fame. She only had one best friend, Julia Brady, who she would trust her life with. Surprisingly, Olivia has also never had a boyfriend for the same reason why she doesn't have many friends...but not that she cares, of course.</P>

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<P align=center>Olivia's POV</P>

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<P>"Wake up, Olivia!" Our servant, Jeffrey chimed. "It's a beautiful day!"</P>

<P>I groaned at the thought of having to go back to school after a long Christmas break, but reluctantly, I rolled out of bed. </P>

<P>"Breakfast will be served in 10 minutes, dear." Jeffrey said before leaving my huge bedroom. The bedroom was almost TOO huge for me. I didn't need all this space, but I knew thousands of people would kill for it. I have good looks, I guess. Brown hair that falls right past my shoulders, chocolate brown eyes that I inherited from my mom, and a slender, yet curvy body. All the guys wanted to date me, but I wasn't interested. They only liked me for my fame. I sighed as I got dressed in my skinny jeans and green sweater. I didn't feel like fixing my hair, so I scrunched it. I looked like crap, but oh well. I looked forward to a great breakfast fixed by Jeffrey (as always)</P>

<P>"What's for breakfast this morning, Jeff?" I asked</P>

<P>"Ham and cheese omelets. It was Gavin's pick today." </P>

<P>I took a bite of the omelet and smiled. "You have good taste, Gav." </P>

<P>Gavin grinned at me. "I know, right? Can we drive to school in your Lamborghini?"</P>


<P>"Sure, whatever. Let's go before our lazy older brother wakes up."</P>

<P>Gavin and I both said goodbye to Jeffrey before we headed to school. Everyone looked at me in awe when they see my red Lamborghini whip into the school parking lot everyday, but I was too used to it to care. Gavin didn't like the fame either, he just loved my car..ha. I said goodbye to Gavin before heading to my locker.</P>

<P>"Hey Olivia." My best friend, Julia said.</P>

<P>"What's up?" I replied</P>

<P>"Laughing at that new kid behind you." </P>


<P>I turned to see a boy with medium-length blonde hair, with a tall frame standing behind me. He was being given hell by some of the football players about his worn out clothes and torn up backpack. I turned back to Julia, mad that she was laughing at him.</P>

<P>"How could you laugh at that, Julia? You're usually really nice to people!" I yelled at her with a shocked tone. She gave me a playful slap on the shoulder.</P>

<P>"I know. I'm sorry, chill ok? I got to go now. Meeting someone in the gym."</P>


<P>Julia ignored me with a smile while I just shrugged it off. I turned my attention back to the new kid who was being picked on by the football jocks. I decided to make my move to help this kid. I saw Conner Ridley leading the group in bullying him, so I decided to chew him out first.</P>

<P>"Hey, Conner!" I screamed. "Leave him alone!" </P>

<P>Conner turned around, shocked that I was defending someone like this kid. Instead of yelling back at me, he broke out into a smile.</P>

<P>"Sure, whatever you want, Olivia." He turned his attention back to the new kid. "You better be lucky Jack and Karen Seawood's daughter here just saved your ass.</P>

<P>I could tell my cheeks were burning red with anger and embarrassment.</P>

<P>"Lets go guys." Conner said, winking at me</P>

<P>I faced the new kid who's face was red with what looked like a mixture of sadness and madness. I gave him a small smile.</P>

<P>"Just ignore them. They're jerks." </P>

<P>The boy nodded his head, looking away from my eyes. Awkwardness filled in between us. </P>

<P>" name is Olivia Seawood."</P>

<P>He nodded again. "I'm Jeremy Causley." </P>

<P>"Nice to meet you. What grade are you in?"</P>

<P>"12th. Senior this year."</P>

<P>"Me too," I responded.</P>

<P>"His eyes met mine again. He had bright green eyes that were hard for me to look away from.</P>

<P>"Thanks for that," he said. "I got to go now."</P>

<P>I nodded as he walked past me. But I could feel him looking at me, so I turned around. He was in fact, looking at me. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he turned the corner, making him out of sight. </P>

<P>~~Ok...hope this wasn't TOO boring, but like I said, it gets better! Lol. Vote and comment!!! </P>

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