Riches to Rags (Chapter Six)

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<P align=center>Chapter Six</P>

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<P align=center>Olivia's POV</P>

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<P>Jeremy followed me into the mansion. His face regained that awe expression again, and I loved it. I led him through the long hallway filled with my dad's Academy Awards, Emmys, and Golden Globes, and my mom's Grammys that they had both won for their work over the years.</P>

<P>"Wow," he said. "This is so cool."</P>

<P>"Yeah it is. This is my favorite part of the house," I responded.</P>

<P>"I can see why."</P>

<P>Next, I lead him through the living room which was filled with old pictures of my parents' wedding, and younger pictures of me, Levi, and Gavin. Jeremy stopped at the one of me when I was about three years old. It was a black and white picture of me laughing with my entire mouth open and my eyes gleaming with what appeared to be pure happiness.</P>

<P>Jeremy smiled. "I love this picture. You young and innocent." </P>

<P>"So I'm not young and innocent right now?" I kidded</P>

<P>He laughed, "Well you look older of course...and I'm not sure if you're so innocent." He kidded back</P>

<P>I grabbed his hand without thinking, but I didn't let go.</P>

<P>"Uh...come on, lets go to the kitchen."</P>

<P>He nodded. I didn't let go of his hand until I heard the TV playing in the formal living room. </P>

<P>"You have an awesome house."</P>

<P>"Thanks." I replied. "Want something to drink?"</P>

<P>He shook his head no, and before I could get myself a drink, I saw my dad walking towards us. Nervousness filled my entire body.</P>

<P>"Hey little girl," my dad said. "Who might this be?" dad said., looking straight at Jeremy, who looked at me for help.</P>

<P>"Dad, this is my friend, Jeremy Causley."</P>

<P>Dad smiled. "Ah, yes, Jeremy! Nice to meet you, I'm Jack Seawood."</P>

<P>Jeremy extended his hand out to my dad, and he shook it. </P>

<P>"Nice to meet you too, sir." Jeremy said. "You have a beautiful home."</P>

<P>Dad smiled with satisfaction that someone was admiring the magnitude of his house. "Why, thank you Jeremy. My wife and I designed it ourselves."</P>

<P>Jeremy nodded and smiled again. "Good work."</P>

<P>"Well Jeremy, you want to go see the upstairs?"</P>

<P>Jeremy nodded and shook dad's hand again before following me up the stairs.</P>

<P>"Your dad was nice."</P>

<P>I nodded. "Yeah, he's pretty cool."</P>

<P>I showed him Gavin's room first. The walls were painted a mixture of green, blue, and red. He had a plasma TV, a huge desk with 2 computers, and a large drum set that he never failed to annoy me with.</P>

<P>"Cool room. Where is he at?"</P>

<P>"Football," I responded.</P>

<P>I led Jeremy to my bedroom next. My room was painted green and brown. It had a large bookcase, large paintings of my family and I done by a family friend in Europe, and other normal teenage girl stuff.</P>

<P>"Nice room. Definitely looks like you." he said, grinning</P>


<P>I laughed. "Thanks...?" </P>

<P>He smiled. "You look really nice today, by the way."</P>

<P>I tried not to blush. "Thank you." I said, moving a little closer to him.</P>

<P>His face came closer to mine. I braced myself because I knew what was about to happen. His soft lips brushed against mine, and kissed him back almost immediately. The kiss was gentle, yet amazing. His hand brushed against my cheek as the kiss deepened. Without wanting too, I pulled away and smiled at him. Lets go see Levi's room. Jeremy smiled and nodded. I didn't bother knocking, because I knew Levi wouldn't be home.</P>

<P>"Well...this is Levi's-" I stopped in mid-sentence, and just stood in the doorway, shocked at what I saw. Levi and Julia...JULIA, as in my best friend...were on his bed...making out. Julia turned around to face me, with a shocked and fearful look on her face.</P>

<P>"Olivia! It's not what it looks like-" She said, but I knew she was lying through her teeth.</P>

<P>I felt my face grow hot with anger. "Then what the hell is it then!?" I yelled. "That's my brother, Julia!"</P>

<P>Levi cleared his throat. "Olivia...I love her," he said quietly as he reached for Julia's hand.</P>

<P>"Oh you LOVE her!? That's what it is!" I said sarcastically. I couldn't believe this was happening. </P>

<P>"Olivia..." Jeremy said, trying to calm me down, but I ignored him. I gave Julia a hurt look.</P>

<P>"You lied to me about not having a boyfriend, Julia. And you said we were best friends," I basically spat at her, before turning and running down the steps.</P>

<P>"Olivia!" Jeremy called from behind me, but I ignored him again. </P>

<P>"Please. Olivia!" Julia called after me, and I could tell she was crying, but I honestly didn't care. I was too worried about my own tears that were escaping from my eyes. I can't believe I was so stupid.</P>

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